More fur use in the future?

Hey ho =^.^=

Uh I first would like to apologize if this has been talked about already. I searched for a similar topic, but could not find anything.

AH so I know that fur will probably have more use in the future, but I was wondering what. I Was thinking that maybe fur clothing like cloak for your shepherd as an upgrade clothing or something for royals to tote around in. ( I have been reading Game of Thrones, so this has been on my mind for a bit) Maybe make a bed variant that has the fur as a blanket instead of hay or cloth. Have It hang off the wall like a tapestry or decoration of some sort.

I know that you use the fur for leather stuff, but I thought just more fur items would be nice. Maybe these could be the different recipes for one of the other kingdoms such as the Northern Alliance? I know Tom said that the kingdoms will get a few different recipes that the others wont have, something to make them stand out. Maybe one could utilizes the fur more then the others? meh just a silly thought :frowning: