Moods and Traits (twitch)

Sorry i didnt get to catch the stream thrusday. But here are some thoughts and opinions of mine

the 3 that most stood out to me was Workaholic, Mole, Artisan

Mole - which was good, but the opposite side of that which wasnt listed would be
Outdoorsy or Naturist - Some who love the Open outside, and is Happy when they have the sky over their head.

Workaholic - I disagreed just tieing this to crafters, should affect all. Farmers, Builders and crafter
Crafteraholic would be what Workaholic was trying to be

Artisan - Should only be affect if they are a Master Crafter (It’s already a perk to all crafters).
Now I would say this isnt a starting trait, its a Chance to earn this trait form the MC perk.

Rest of thoughts and opinions:

Cultist - Defined- 1) they could hang around the bunny statue a lot, or any other relic of old if a different cultist

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One other suggestion for @Brackhar would be to name “Artisan” as “Perfectionist” instead.
I feel it shows better the nature of what he’s doing, taking his time to get it just right.

An “Artisan” trait could have a slight bonus to speed of things he has crafted before.
Like your first 10 chairs take the regular time, but afterwards, they take 90% of it. The chance for fine items goes only marginally decreased, say 5%.

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