Moo moo not producing milk

My moo moos stop producing milk the moment the shepherd reaches max level. All other animals are producing fine and town items are not full. They just sit around and do nothing

I’m trying to reproduce this error but I can’t, my shepherd is milking the Moo-moos normally…

What season is it? (in-game)
Are you using other mods? Which ones?

I removed a mod called Fisher Job which I completely forgot even existed. Now Moo-moos are producing milk just fine. Thanks for the heads up

That is no way the solution lol. One job has nothing to do with the other. You were probably on cooldown or just lagging, so the restart of the game fixed it

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Like Bruno says, that’s completely unrelated. I use the “Fisher mod” myself and never had any problems, and nothing that the mod does could interfere with shepherds. In fact, milking Moo Moos is not special at all in terms of code - it is the same code that all other animals or even berry bushes use. So, like Bruno says, it’s more likely that they were on cooldown. That’s why I asked about the season, since Moo Moos can produce less on certain parts of the year. Additionally, there’s also a chance that they are producing but you’re simply not seeing it because it’s being consumed too fast, and after the restart you just noticed it happening and thought it was fixed…

Marking “removed fisher mod and it worked” as a “Solution” is misguiding and will lead people to think that there’s a problem with that mod. And there isn’t (and it definitely wasn’t your solution)

I don’t know, I restarted and reloaded that save game countless times and literally monitored the shepherd’s behavior 24/7 and had never seen them milking animals, now everything’s working fine and the only difference is the existence of Fisher Job mod. Maybe there is some kind of unknown conflict

Upload the stonehearth.log file that is found on the game folder. it has lists of errors and other issues on it. With it we can try to find what is going on.
As there is no relation between that mod with shepherds, it could be a faulty game or mod (for example, outdated files) or you just coincidentally have the cooldowns happening when the mod is on and them ending when it is off.
The log is our only hope. A save file could help too