[MODS] Yang & Co's Mod Making [A24]


So far yes - love the armour & weapons!! The paintings & murals are amazing!!


Is this compatible with Better Storage (so all the things created actually get put into stockpiles before being placed in game)?


I don’t know - I don’t use Better Storage


If correct it should be compatible with better stockpiles ^^

And @Banto yes it is compatable with A23 :smiley:


Is there an ETA on when the furniture will be updated to the new style?


If correct all furniture is already updated to the new standarts of stonehearth.

I am currently very busy but i will take a look if i can push trough some updates. I can’t promise anything.


Not a worry at all - completely understandable - my issue isn’t big so it won’t prevent me from enjoying using your mod :slight_smile:


The paint tub isn’t placing - does it have a special requirement?


Sorry for the late reply. I will take a look into the files after the weekend.


Alright so i have search far and wide and triple check every single file involving the paint tub and it is just as it should be but still the AI ignors the paint tub.

All tags are identail to the workbench that does work and neither can i find an error when playing with the paint tub with the debug tool. Ill try to just remake the files since that is the only thing i can think of that might fix the issue.

And i have rissin from my coffin again xD
Maybe i should change my name to Vampire Yang since i always be really active for some time and then dissappear for quite a while only to come back and be super active again xD

But when the steam workshop beta goes life ill be updating it there so that if i push an update people always have the newest fixes.

If i havent fixed the thub by then ill change the working station for dyeing the cloth to the easel for the time being.

And again exucses for the long time it took to react.


Steam Workshop now live! I added all mods to the steam workshop and would love to hear if they are working as intended.

If you have an excisting version of the mod in your mod folder you will have to remove that one first.

Also fix the paint tub issue so items can now be dyed again!

I will need to get some nice pictures for my steam worskop tumbnail but for now they are up and running with a placeholder picture. If anyone would want to help me with that i would be really happy since i am quite bad at that xD

This update means they are currently only compatiable with latest branch.


Completely understandable! Life happens :slight_smile: I’m very excited about the steam workshop! That will hopefully make updates easier :smiley:


It makes it a lot more practical indd. Btw if you have the chance to test it let me know if it works correctly ^^


Hi @Yangzhoui and @Johby , I just subscribed all 3 mods from the workshop, trying to get them translated.

Before that, I have some suggestions here.

  1. I think the painter’s pallet should go to the Tools category, not Furniture.

  2. The icons are missing in the job panel (and also in the character info of a painter).

  3. There are still fine versions of furniture/decorations. If I’m not mistaken, the crafting system has changed, the fine items are no longer available. But you can make them craftable just like the others.

And thank you for making these great mods! :grinning:


Thx for the feedback!

I will fix painters pallet and the icons!

For the fine items. If correct the fine versions are only still in the files so that if an excisiting item would be in the world it would not give an error. They are not craftable anymore. Those lines of code that generated the fine versions i have removed so those are just old files.

I’m glad you like the mods!
It seems i really have to wprk some more on the armoury mod because even tho it is the smallest mod of them all it is again the most popular one xD