Model and Mod Pack V2.0! (discontinued)

Model Pack 2.0 (Mod Pack 1.5)

So the model pack 2.0 has out with a nice changes and some bugs fixed,This Time With A lot of Models For your Stonehearth or Any Voxel Game!! But lets go see the changes!

With the changes

  • 5 New Type of Hair To Heathlings
  • 2 New Armour
  • Decorations
  • More Ten (Eight For Now) Models

Other Changes

  • None

That is the changes for now,in 2.4.9 Go add new things on 2.0 So It’s gonna be a Patch Fix.

Mods Gonna Be Updated Only in Patch 2.5

As i said The Models and Mods Files are in .Winrar and .Zip

Models in .Winrar (2.0)

Models in .Zip (2.0)

Leave The Credits If you make a mod with any Model! (If You Want)


Ok,That is the First Version of Mods i ever made in Stonehearth,So please if have any bugs or something wrong tell me to i fix more fast as possible.

Same Thing go to Mods they go be posted in .Zip and .Winrar

Mods in .Winrar (1.5)

Mods in .Zip (1.5)

How to install

Just Extract in your Stonehearth/mods Folder


All the Models go come in Patch 2.5! (In Mod)

To do in 2.4.9 discontinued

  • Fix all the wrong position of any armour or decoration or sword - 0%
  • Add 2 More Models For Swords - 0%

To do in 2.5 discontinued

  • Fix Some Bugs - 0%
  • Add some Things in the Mod - 0%
  • Place all the models in My mod Pack - 0%

To do in 3.0 discontinued

  • Generated Ores for Mod - 0%
  • New Enemies - 0%
  • New Encounters - 0%

Doing now

  • Fix Some Bugs in the Models and Mods


Thx To 8BitCrab For Models


Are you going to post Screenshots?

Screenshots of the Weapons are in Winrar
But i go add one or two screens

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could you perhaps do a normal zip instead? as i dont have winrar and cant open it… :confounded:

so how i can pass you the files?

if you put the files into a normal .zip rather then .rar i can open them. but, as i dont have it, i’m not sure if thats possible with winrar.


It’s possible with Winrar. All he has to do is click the bubble thing to save it as .zip


Ok here is the link ----> Dropbox -
With the Angelical Sword Fixed and i Change the name for a mod

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thanks mate :smile:

i’ll check it out later

edit: got a chance to check it out right now, and man are some of those awesome. a lot of them reminded me of trove, have you perhaps submitted models for it before?

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yup i play trove xD,and yeah i posted some weapons in trove.but i don’t post more models in trove just on stonehearth

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so all my inspiration come on trove

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If you don’t mind me having a request; I once made a sword for the game Cube World from an anime and I’d like to possibly see it included in your mod pack:

For an accurate picture of the sword in question:


Okay i go do it the sword and more 5 models are coming in 1.5


Omg the Durandal Sword was the first to lag my Voxel Shop O.o
and i finished the sword,it’s the biggest sword i have made

Can I see what it looks like in game? :o

You should really stick with one topic instead of making a complete new one each time you update your pack


agreed, i was to tired to be bothered about it yesterday…

sorry about that @Mine_Tutorials, if you dont mind could you just stick to having one thread for the model pack, and just update the OP/title whenever a new release comes out.

Okay then i go do it right now

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Okay, i Changed the Topic now

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Guys I Am Back!! But not Alone I Come Back with V2.0! Of Model Pack :smiley: