[MOD] Waves Of Death

As an improvement on my recent Zombie death mod.

I bring a work in progress Waves Of Death.

I’ve re-worked it a bit based on some of the feedback below.

It now works like this:

Level 1 Starts at 8000 net worth
Level 2 Starts at 9000 net worth
Level 3 Starts at 10000 net worth
Level 4 Starts at 11000 net worth
Level 5 Starts at 12000 net worth

It now waits until night to actually spawn (thanks @MaxBlight) after the net worth threshold has been reached, and I’ve toned back the numbers to be something like level one detailed in the picture below; except with at least one fast.

Each wave has better weapons than the one before, so this should make it a bit challenging. :imp:

and finally I increased the spawn distance to be quite far away, but still not sure if that is far away from the flag or the edge of explored territory. (thanks @electrodynamo) :smile:

I’ve not had a chance to look into some of the other feedback (sorry @Tuhalu) and getting the wolf to work, but what I did do was make a handy level calculator in excel ('cos that’s what I know) so that making levels was a bit faster you’ll find a link for that below.

More feedback would be appreciated as I continue making this :smile:

Here is a loose plan that I may or may not stick to…

At the moment all levels are the same, but plan to “ramp up slowly” so that my footmen can level up so I stand a chance of “beating it” :smile:

Original Download here:

Latest Version here:

Updated Test version here:

Excel Level Calculator here:

(as a side note on the excel I’ve coloured in the cells that change highlighted the copy and paste ranges, to update a level change the level number to the level change the settings then copy and paste each stage file :smile: )

(The test version goes off at 1 net worth so your town won’t last very long, it is however, quite amusing to watch :wink:)

Here are some pictures of my testing; beware some viewers may find this distressing!!

First Wave

Oh Dear!!

Run Away!!


Different Weapons: (I triggered all of the waves at once for comedic effect :imp: )

Thanks to @Froggy and @RepeatPan for your hard work on getting the method down for adding campaigns that are other mod friendly. You guys rock!!

I can confirm that this works with the fantastic “Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.2” mod, which if you haven’t downloaded this already you should do!! Bees!!


what the… i dont even…
this like sparta movie
very nice mod

Can you make it so, that the wave starts at a certain point in game? or at least a separate version?

Like, once we hit day 15 (for example), then will the waves start. Starting only at night.

Hi Max,

Thanks for the feedback.

As a start on your request please find below a modified version that starts on day 15 instead of being at 10,000 net worth, but otherwise unmodified. As the mod is now I think that you’ll be wiped out :imp:

I’ll look into spawn timings to see if I can control it outside of the timed countdown to make it only at night, I think that this is the way that the undead spawner works so I’ll start there :smile:


http://1drv.ms/1M8XwFV (ninja edit, made it so that it waits the 15 days then waits one hour for each next wave instead of 15 days each wave… (silly me!!))

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This sounds pretty brutal.

I’m reminded of a request that someone made a few weeks back. They hoped for more challenging (or at least more) ambient monsters as the campaign goes on. Do you think you’d be able to hook into the campaign itself and produce an “end game” effect with more challenging goblin and undead raids?

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this definitely increases the difficulty of the game late game. I LOVE IT! but i am too chicken to try it out yet, especially with everything on my game bugging out. do they spawn X distance from flag? X distance from hearthling? X distance from buildings? etc.

Hi Tuhalu,

Thanks for the feedback on this; I am pretty sure that it is possible to make it so that the daily random spawns have the levels in them I’ll look into it once I’ve updated and tested the levels (it’s quite time consuming changing so many files). I also want to be careful to not “step on the toes” of the developers here by modifying the existing campaigns that may be being worked on. :smile:

I was sort of going for current end game at 10k net worth, I was thinking that each level could be triggered at a different level of net worth, starting at 10k and going up in 500 increments. This way you can prepare for each level before it comes rather than being in a panic because it is day n and I’m about to die; but will need to do some testing before I make that decision.

Hey electrodynamo,

Thanks for the kind words :blush:

I think that the spawning is on the edge of your territory, but will be the same as the current undead raids (as this was a copy paste-o-rama from these files). I think that you can push the spawns further out by changing the min and max of the spawn range; so I’ll take a look into this as well.

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updated mod details in top post and more :slight_smile: