Mod to add Arctic biome

So, I started learning how to mod, and while testing a could make a new kingdom, simple by replacing some assets from Rayas, nothing fancy. I noticed that for more changes I would need to learn a little more, so I thought about modding a biome as it would be way easier.

Looking for the default biomes to learn from them, I noticed that we already have the arctic biome in game. After I learned how to unlock it, I thought about giving it as a mod here.

But I saw that Brad told in one topic that we can do whatever we want with content already in game, as long as it is not with something still not available in a normal gameplay, like using the bunnies race or, in my case, releasing the arctic biome.

But I tested a few maps in it and it was super boring, I really hope that they change it, and change a LOT. Right now it is just a white version of the temperate biome, with even more trees and smooth, taller mountains… Really.

Then I continued my learning and changed that biome to something that I liked more, with a lot of water, small islands/icebergs, and really steep mountains. Also a few small changes in the vegetation, with less tree variety(almost all pine) and only at low heights, and more frost flowers.

Considering its terrain generation changed, would it be ok to release it here?

Besides all that, I noticed a few pathfind problems while playing in it, sometimes they try to run into a lake instead of going around, I think because the terrain base generation would have ground there, but after my changes it is much more fragmented, so they try to walk where now it is a lake. Maybe?

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so… i’m slightly confused, are you asking if you’re allowed to implement the arctic biome as a mod, or…?

this is because the current arctic biome was set up as a quick placeholder, the same way the desert was a place holder at first. when TR gets around to implementing the arctic biome it will be changed, so just be patient. :slightly_smiling:

Yes, I’m asking if I can release it, because

And I would also like if someone can test it and see if they also get some pathfind errors. (Not error messages, just hearthlings stuck, trying to move to where they can’t)

really this up to TR, but it was already stated in the modding rules that people aren’t allowed to implement and release dormant features, so i’m pretty sure the answer will be no for this, as the arctic biome is a dormant feature.

but i guess we’ll just have to wait for @brad to respond.

Ok, no problem.

I’m going to try a swamp I had in mind later. If the pathfind error is caused by the way I was changing the terrain, it will also happen in this new biome. Then I will show it here for whoever wants to try and also to get this bug squashed. :slightly_smiling:

In this case, I think quite the opposite. From previous comments by Radiant, it seems this rule was put in place because of major features that are slowly worked on. Water for example had a massive amount of code already in the game and was still being worked on when someone started monkey hacking the code and spoiling the suprise of the water system.

To me at least the Arctic Biome isn’t as much of a dormant feature as just a test of the game framework. Even Frostfeast sorta implemented the biome. :wink:

Though that is only my opinion and it would be best to wait on official word.


As has been observed, the inactive Arctic biome that is in the game is only a placeholder and isn’t a good indicator of what it will be like when released.

Consequently, and in line with the “One Rule,” it should not be modified and released as a mod.



Thanks for the reply, I going to work on a new swamp then.


A swamp sounds very intriguing! I look forward to seeing it…


If one edits, for example, desert biome, into an arctic biome, would that be breaking the “one rule” ?
I’ve been thinking about making sort of an “eskimo mod”, and for that, an arctic biome would be quite needed.

i’m going to say thats still crossing the rules, as even if it was just a “re-skin” it would still be an arctic biome, which is a dormant feature… but what do i know! i’m going to page @brad for you. :slightly_smiling:

Note: as its the weekend, he may not respond until monday

Since an arctic biome is indeed coming, let’s just say that it’s best to stay away from doing something similar for now. (There’s nothing to stop you from beginning work on an “eskimo mod” that can take advantage of that biome when released, though.)

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Alrighty, thanks. The only problem is that if it would, say, encorporate ice mechanics, and then, the biome doesn’t feature ice, I would be allowed to edit the biome to add ice, right?
I have a problem with commas.