[MOD] The Stone Bunny

Welcome your lord and mast-

I mean, d’aww, look at this cute fellow!

And his baby replica!

Don’t you just want to take them into your town and offer them all of your carrots?
And hugs! Lots of hugs! Stony cold hugs…

So grab them up here: Dropbox - stonebunny.smod - Simplify your life
And get your mason working to make yours!

With many thanks to @jomaxro for helping me get this working, and @8BitCrab for advocating to keep the small guy.

Edit: Now also on Praise: Free Hosting - Domain Does Not Exist


I cannot resist its cuteness… :smiley: ITS TOO CUTE FOR ME!!!


i like the idea :slight_smile: however. Im makin my own Statues :smiley:

If possible without a huge mod project, you should make something happen if an offering of carrots is left in front of the statue.

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We could do that! We could make a mod based around gods… Where if you offer them something they like, in this case carrots, you get a bonus depending on what the god governs! Like if the rabbit is the god of harvest, your farmers will have a 50% chance for the next 2 in-game days to get double produce?

That would be amazing. If you make an entire Gods mod, I would suggest one for each race.

Cid Statue, Rayya Statue, Bunny Statue (needs a Bunny God name), Goblin Statue, Skeleton Statue, Elemental Statue.

Sadly I don’t have the tools to do this… I don’t have the cash to get it either… sigh

Any suggestions on a name for the Bunny God? :grin:

Tu’er Ye, THANKS GOOGLE :smiley:

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Poor college student over here; and I was just about to suggest that one myself, haha

Lol… Sorry for stealing that from you <3

Kitty if you could make this mod into something about gods… Then this mod would be top tier 10/10 content.

I dunno if a name from real mythology should be used, but I like the idea of the Bunny God being based around Moon Worship. I think that would be a cool aspect of the (maybe?) future-playable Bunny Race.

Well… If you see, during a loading screen you see a bunny type creature that COULD be a future race.

We should rename this topic to The Stone Bunny God <3 lol.

I am 100% artist and 0% programmer; I ended up switching out of game design after my first year because of how bad my scripting was.

@Sickjin, I believe there is a planned NPC bunny race;


Yes, I know it is a planned race, that’s why I said (maybe?) playable. :grin:

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Yep. There’s proof. And I’m both but like I said I don’t have the tools needed for it :frowning:

@Sickjin Well… They made the other race Raya’s Children. So I’m guessing its a confirmed race. And @Kittyodoom you could just make the models for the statues! You should make the statues for the races out now, which is the Goblins, Acendency’s, and the Goblins. Then when you learn how to program (practice makes perfect) you can make a simple system where the gods can randomly choose to praise or curse the settlement! All depending on the gods area of expertise.

MY BAD! Goblins, Acendency’s, and the Raya’s Children