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A short little opening bit
[you can skip this if you hate puppies and double rainbows]

I’ve been grazing over this forum since it first started. I never really had the desire to take part until now. I love this game. It’s clean ( something surprisingly hard to find i think) and I can play it around younger kids without feeling like I’m contributing to a generation of desensitized killers. This game hits 10’s on a 1-5 scale all around in my book.

Sorry for the long intro but I plan on updating this particular thread for a while as I develop it more and I like people. So introduce your darn self and criticize the hell of everything to follow:

The Princess Mod

Table of Contents

  • Quick Overview
  • In Depth Explanation


  • Plugin Layout
  • Layout In Depth

Quick Overview

  • Mod Idea: a Strategy based random event mod.

  • Type: Both Turn based and Real Time. Sound confusing? more in detail below

  • Goal: Save the princess from a horde of evil. And possibly some AI or human competition settlers (To be implemented later).

In Detail

I love Disney. And what does Disney always have in their movies? Princess’s. Which is why I want to incorporate this into a mod.

-The general mechanics of the game will work like a crossover between an RTS and TBS game. I love multiplayer so being able to incorporate that (even slightly in some vague way) will be a interesting angle if possible. At the moment it would be against an AI (a mountain to climb of it’s own)

-How will I implement this? Your encampment will take the main stage of this mod. It will have the option to start out with a pre-picked amount of supplies (randomly generated each time and possibly an unfair amount if you’re the sadistic kind). The encampment will be in the corner of what I’m calling the “active area” for the plugin. In the center a castle, witches, orcs, and a dragon all the like. That’s the base.

-You will not be able to leave you’re personal area right around you’re encampment (same goes for the center castle and the opposing encampment)
-When it is not you’re turn you can set exact things for troops, builders, and the like to go out and do (retrieve supplies, destroy something). I would like to add some grouping to this so that a troop could go with some builders and maybe booby trap something together.

-Each encampment and castle gets their own turn and will have different goals.

-Every third night there will be an eclipse in lunar energy where all can go outside their encampments at the same time. (possibly create an outpost, attack, the like).

From here details will possibly change a little bit more over time due to constraints and such.

-At this point you’ll have control of one of the encampments. the main goal is to get the princess which resides in the castle in the middle. Certain basic obstacles will be in play (the defenders of the castle, natural elements) but also a political one. You can forge an alliance with an opposing encampment. At this point I’m leaning towards you being able to break the alliance ( with consequences) as default and having an extra setting where you can’t.

-Once the princess is taken there will be a break in the balance as the castle will have been destroyed. in the castles place a black hole. and for whatever number of lunar nights you’ll have to protect the princess.

There’s a ton more to add to this… a lot of balancing. Challenges to think out but I wanted a general idea. It’s a mini-game of sorts but something I haven’t added that is also very important is how it could be implemented (like a random event maybe) so you could continue the game after your princess is saved.

Plugin Layout

It’s important to note the list below IS NOT a final list of functionality that will make it into the plugin. From the list below I will select my MVP (Minimum Viable Product) at a little bit of a later date. Other “pretty” or “extra” things can still make it in but after the initial plugin is done. Any suggestions are also appreciated :smiley:

General Layout:

  • HouseKeeping

  • Plugin Event Manager
    (This particular group focus’s on the broader control of the plugin and gives it to the user)

  • TBS Functionality

  • RTS Functionality

  • Map Controller

  • AI
    (monsters, castle defence/attack, “back hole” hordes, second settlement etc.)

Layout In Depth

  • Housekeeping
    -cleanup after Random Event is finished. This allows for the game to continue on after as “normal”

  • Plugin Event Manager
    -Start Princess Event onCommand
    -Choose how often Princess Event occurs or turn it off
    -Skip to a certain part of the plugin
    -Special villager abilities (super strength, speed; not super “powers” like lazer vision sorry)

  • TBS Functionality (Turn Based Strategy)
    -Movement manager (restricts you to your village/sets you free)
    -Kill off anyone left outside your village at the end of your turn
    -as less gruesome alternative to the first maybe you just lose some supplies or some other “penalty” instead
    -Turn changer
    -Taunting (to be explained…)

  • RTS Functionality (Real Time Strategy)
    -Keep time of day as night until the end of RTS
    -Movement manager: drop all limits
    -Make monsters and evil things have a more hostile AI
    -Special weapons/spells for villagers spawn on field ( for takin down that castle!)

  • Castle Destroyed Event/The Horde
    -castle replaced by “black hole” (got some cool simple ideas for this one)
    -Time of day replaced to night
    -“waves” of hordes of monsters
    -possible “counter” or something of the sort to tell which one you are on
    -(secret finale)

  • The Horde/Plugin Finished
    -cleanup (goodbye black hole)

  • Map Controller
    -Supplies randomly generated throughout active area
    -Resources randomly generated thoughout active area


this is allowed on this forum?

The answer that previous post I mean the reserved thing. It’s popular on others and currently I don’t know if there’s a character or space limit

in your own threads, sure… have at it… and good luck with the mod! :+1:

@Minion if you want you can add your mod in this list. Even just as mod idea or a module, if you think your mod will take time to implement and balance.

Thanks! apparently it was added for me though :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am all for Disney movies, and as such, I vote that there should be an option to rescue a Prince every now and then, as a change of pace. :wink:

Good luck with finals!


Oh those princes are definitely going to have their time as the Damsel In Distress. Something about picturing a tiny little girl settler, with her prince strapped across her shoulder, walking off into the sunset has quite a wonderful spark to it.

and P.S. Love the links to the Disney movies. Great touch. My favorite personally is Rapunzel in Tangled; give her a iron pan and I don’t think anyone could stop her


oddly enough, one of the most requested “please play that part again!” scenes from my daughter… :smile:

i weep for her future husband…


That’s when you tell her about how if you keep hitting people with pans you turn into the ugly old hag from snow white :wink:

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That movie looks awesome… thanks for the link @sdee

This concept is so cool. Its a brilliant idea and nice change of pace very original. This must be made preferably yesterday. I’m gonna follow the development of this masterpiece SO much detail. mad props sir or mam ?

Princesses and communism do not go together. I absolutely don’t support of this.

Thanks @the5minfilms ! Still trying to think of all the different aspects that’ll it’ll have to entail… Any suggestions or criticism is always welcome!

and I’m a sir, dude, “that guy”… or whatever other variation of the term

I hate to break this to you @LordNevs but ironically enough, most of the countries who’ve identified as “communist” have had princess’s :wink: or a very, very close variation


I had a very deep, well thought out, and highly political response typed… but instead
I decided to just go with this:

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Seems legit. I will take it.

don’t have anything to critic since this concept is so well thought out simply brilliant. though i shall read through it again and review and if i find anything i shall inform you :smiley: btw just asking are you a programmer or are you gonna use this as a learning experience ?

I’ve programmed in C++ before along with a variety of others including Javascript. So luckily enough Lua seems pretty basic. So to answer that question in short: I am a programmer but Lua is a bit of a learning experience.

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Love the Idea! Maybe more Pixar/Disney characters can be involved!