[MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) Discontinued

release-949 (x64)[M]
cookmod/ai/actions/drink_action.lua:38: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
cookmod/ai/actions/drink_action.lua:38: in function ‘rating_fn’
…th/ai/actions/find_best_reachable_entity_by_type.lua:76: in function <…th/ai/actions/find_best_reachable_entity_by_type.lua:64>
(tail call): ?
stonehearth/components/item_finder/item_search.lua:214: in function <stonehearth/components/item_finder/item_search.lua:204>
(tail call): ?

the mod is outdated

What nightlancer said. (Can’t Quote him, don’t know why .-.)

Also, with the new ACE Update, there should be a new drinking system included, if I’m not completely mistaken.

Yes ACE Unstable has drinking added


Thanks guys, I figured it out after playing ACE for a while. and HOLY SHIT BANTO! :star_struck: I watch your youtube a lot! I love your builds, and you were the guy that got me into this game! so Thanks! Keep it up! :grin:


Aww that made my day thank you so very much :merry:
Hope you will have lots of fun with Stonehearth!


@Froggy since the mod is quite badly outdated nowadays, do you mind if the assets inside it are used to bring some new life to parts of it at least?
im thinking pigs specifically.

if you want an answer best is to contact him via steam Steam Community :: Kastagir ^^ there sometimes a small window where he answers xDDD

Please feel free to use what you wish.


thank you! and thanks for the answer :smiley:

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If anyone does continue Froggy’s fantasic work, please could you resurrect the working windmill sails? I always loved those

Honestly those are probably the easiest to revive (I guess it’s nothing but a decoration with a default animation) though it’s animation might even be used for other things you want spinning around all the time

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I think it’d be cool if it could strong-arm certain workstations to craft quicker. But maybe that is a discussion not meant for this thread.

actually, using ACE’s add-on/transforming button system, this would be possible.
crafting station+windmill= crafting station with windmill above it. though that would, to make it look good, also need an axel animation to transfer its power to its crafting station. its a cool idea though!
though i wouldnt know how to actually have a crafting table buff a crafters crafting speed.
possible a sort of short range invisible AOE buff, if there is a buff that speeds up crafting time

Do I gather that you mean making the crafting stationj into a different crafting station, that could work. I was thinking along the lines of connecting the windmill outside to workstations inside to make them powered. To manipulate the crafting speed I’d say put in a line of code that says

work_units = ceiling(work_units*0.8)

making use of the work_units variable specified in the recipe json files of each item, which tells the game how many crafting animations the hearthling has to do to complete a craft. Maybe said json file can have a new line like

"powered" : "true"

“powered” : “wind”`

to specify that only certain recipes from a workstation can be sped up (using only certain kinds of power). However, you’d need to code that behaviour yourself.

Other powering mechanisms like water and thunder could be used, but now I’m my thouhts are getting out of hand.

EDIT: the best way to make the system work would be with the line

"powered" : [ "wind", "shock", "water" ]

for maximum flexibility.

work_units are not used anymore. use effort instead. It measures how long the craft takes in in-game minutes

Water is already used as a powering mechanism, and it would be relatively trivial to incorporate a windmill into that system. I think the powered cooking mill is currently the only thing that uses it, and I’m not sure how exposed it (and the water wheel used to power it) are (i.e., whether they’re craftable).


They’re currently not :<

But yes, Windmill is definitely easy (and a must) :smiley:


Ooooh yes please!! Mills rule :slight_smile:

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I miss that windmill…