[MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.95


When is the quest supposed to start?


The quest still works with A22 (737) and will trigger when your towns net worth hits 3500 ~ assuming no other mods are overwriting it


This is really nice!
I have one suggestion: Refrigerators!
Two clay pots (One large, one small) nestled between each other, with fine dirt or sand in between them. When the dirt/sand has water poured on it, the contents of this assemblage are kept cool by the evaporating water.


That would be so awesome if it’s possible. I imagine the game probably doesn’t have a way to change spoilage speed based on what container an item’s in because currently nothing needs that feature, but we’ll just have to see if @Froggy even wants to do it and can find a way.


The engineer could have a recipe for an automated set-up of this concept, as I doubt a manual ‘refresh’ of it would work as intended code-wise.


How do you get Bees? It’s a total mistery to me.


At 3500 wealth you will get a quest that unlocks them


Thanks Brah, Really helpfull


I am at 14054 networth and have not received that quest yet? I have @Chabonit s jewelerymod going aswell, where i recieved a quests a while back, but dont know if that has anything to do with it? My thought is that the 3500 mark might be what he used aswell and something interfeared to make both quests start?


As you have debug tools active this should be quite simple :slight_smile:

If you click the book icon in the top right corner it will open the campaign manager.

You should see something similar to this:

It uses the same wait to start node type as the goblin quests so there shouldn’t be anything to go wrong with it.

If you don’t see bee’s there then it is likely that something is overwriting it.


i see the bees :slight_smile:

hmm it looks like the goblin war never triggered aswell…So it might not be the cafe mod that is the issue…

EDIT: @Froggy I just loaded an old savegame (another town) and the quest popped up together with the chabonit quest.
So it might have something to do with that other savegame. (the only thing i can see, is that it was in the sacred forest biome and the sheare number of trees in that, could have prevented the bee tree to spawn?)


Isn there a way to automate the water collection process? I’d like my Hearthlings to keep like 20 buckets in storage, but it is not possible and I have to keep track of the water supply manually.

Also: Berry Bush and Prickly Pear saplings as a crop would be amazing.


I don’t think there currently is. A well that acted kind of like a workshop would do the trick, as far as mantain orders & the cooldown time could be implemented as a long crafting time, but last time I checked it’s not possible without custom code to have recipes with results but no ingredient.


How about adding a wooden bucket? It would allow keeping water collection automatic and add some realism, right now buckets appear out of nowhere.


Hey Pawel, thanks for the feedback!

Unfortunately I’m not a programmer :slightly_smiling_face:

I can only mod components that exist in the game and attempt to bend them to what I want them to do. @coasterspaul is right. There are currently no existing game elements that function similarly to the feature you’d like me to add.

The crop idea is pretty cool though.


I believe it would require no programming:

  • add a Wooden Bucket recipe (cost: 1 log, produces: Wooden Bucket, crafter: Carpenter)
  • add a Water Bucket recipe (cost: Wooden Bucket, produces: Water Bucket, workshop: Well)
  • make all recipes which utilise Water Bucket return Wooden Bucket (multiple "item" entries can be added in a "produces" table - adding a Wooden Bucket as an additional product would mean the water is used but the bucket is returned, see: Is crafting multiple items in one recipe possible?)

For Rayya’s Children Wooden Bucket would be overridden by Clay Ewer.

One could then queue the Water Bucket recipe and stop worrying about the water supply. The question is which crafter should get the Water Bucket recipe, because it cannot be assigned to Workers. Another problem is this way Hearthlings would get experience just by fetching water from the well…


this mod is a very big gold boost

Plants too valuable

i dont use it anymore, it destroy the game mechanics


Hi @Froggy ,
some, maybe all, of your meat recipes are not tagged as meat.
I do not know if this is a problem at all but it could be that plant eaters can eat those meat dishes.


Hey groms,

I’ve looked at the food servings and each meat dish contains the tag meat.

“material_tags”: “food honey_glazed_critter meat” for example.

I’ll check to see if they’ve changed the mechanics of how it works. Thanks for the heads up.


Oh, then I must have an older version :smiley:
Sorry @Froggy . I need to download the current version… :frowning: