[MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.95


Played yesterday with the latest version, don’t know how my villagers get something to drink (wasn’t really into the game for about a year).
Nobody drinks and my 7 people village was so thirsty that they all die …
The errors appers, one in the moment people gets unconscious, one in the moment they die. Checked this without any mod active and no bugs appears, so it must be caused by your mod.

  1. you get drinks from wells (crafted by carpenter or mason)
  2. which errormessage?
  3. if you want more drinks look at the breweymod


to see the error message start a new game and forward the time till the first dies because no food/water.


Hello @talamatur

This mod is only compatible with the latest branch, not to be confused with the latest version of the stable branch.

Your game version (top right hand corner) should read 726 - if it doesn’t, you’re not on the “lastest” branch. If you are on version 726 then you need to download the latest version of the mod via the links in the opening post because these errors should not be happening.

I’ve tested the mod from the creation of a new game, right through to allowing all of my Hearthling’s to die of thirst, and have not been able to replicate these errors you’re having.


How does the bee get?
I have finished the task or did not get the bee.


You chop down the tree, kick the nest and you get bees in your inventory. From that you can build a hive (carpenter workshop) and when you place that, you can harvest from it every day.


anyway, guys. how do i build a well? my villagers thirsting :frowning:


Both carpenter and mason can do the work.


Hey @Froggy, loving the mod! Quick question, I know there is a well for both the mason and carpenter. But could there be a well for the potter? I was only wondering because I recently started a new game with rayys children and I was wanting a well to match the look and feel of the buildings surrounding it.


Very good point! I’ll add it shortly :slight_smile:


Hello, first of all, thanks a lot for this mod…i love it :wink:

I’m running a pretty large kingdom with some mods…and i encounter a few problems. One of them is th fact that end game i have to micro manage well harvesting a lot. Could it be possible to ad an engeneer receipe for a Pump sink that would have only one space inventory always filled with a bucket of water. This receipe would be end game so will require an engeneer high level and would require gears to craft ( make them more usefull that they actually are)
I Use Brewery too and this building would help a lot automation of drinks for a large empire.
The second suggestion i have is about bees. I love them and i think you could add a new tool (the apiarist hat) to unlock a new class (the apiarist). He will collect apiaries when their job’s done. Making it automatic, i would recommend to higher the time between two harvest (actually really short)

Thanks for having read me and for all your work.


i got some error with alpha 22 and café mod and no bubbles was shown when they where thristy.
Not played Rayya in a long time so could be a bug with them or the desert biome


anyone else getting the “think” error?

aparently I no longer get people thirsty. this is very weird


That breakage is my fault. I changed the API for managing thought bubbles in A22. @Froggy, you’ll need to change the radiant.entities.think(...) call in DehydrationComponent to something like:



is it fixed or coming an update later for the Mod :)?
i had problems yesterday with normal eating also. Not sure if this change that stonehearth made also broke the normal eating.


i can say normal eating works fine - its only doesnt show that they are thirsty – so just build wells and let them drink then its all ok xD


The fix was uploaded on Friday but I got side tracked before updating this thread. Should work fine now Banto.


Awesome and nice i have not seen those cool drink icons!
just a suggestion that i think many modders could try to do is when you guys update your amazing mods here to either increase the mod version or have under it a date when last updated and maybe even a tiny change log for that update.

Because atm it still says 1.9 and it’s hard to know for us if there is a new one out or if we have the latest one to date :slight_smile:


Froggy do you or anyone else know if the bees are working in alpha 22? i have the mod installed but i cant get the quest to start. my town has a 10000 net worth so i think it qualifies.


i have get the quest last week with a22 so it should work …