[MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.95


Yup. Both links are updated.

If the error only occurred during a load of an old save, then I think their hearthling brains were still thinking about drinking in the context of the old, now obsolete controller.

I’ll look in to the water bubbles issue, as I don’t recall seeing it either since the migration. Only on the hearthling status indicator.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll look in to it now.


@Froggy I just wanted to report that I’ve got the update with Rickety Wells and it’s working a charm for me. I’ve also got it working with Better Stockpiles (including the patch for Café Mod compatibility) and things seem to be behaving themselves, so thank you for the quick turnaround :slight_smile:


[quote=“Froggy, post:588, topic:10159, full:true”]Thanks for the feedback - I take on your point. I traditionally only increment when new content is added but even in that I’ve been slacking lately as I added the rickety well and didn’t increment. I’ll increment on every update from now on! Pinky swear! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, and keep the good work :slight_smile:


I read through your queen bee campaign ro öearn how to do that (downloaded minutes ago)
I think in the hive_arc.json is a typo

It is:

It should be:

I hope that dont breaks the campaign
(Sry i am mobile so that copy and paste you the complete text is difficult)


Hey @Chabonit. Thanks for the report. It works fine.

Its a typo that been there forever but I was too lazy to fix it.

I can’t ignore it now someone else has noticed it so I’ve updated the repo and the fix will get pushed on the next build :slight_smile:


1.9 fixes the thirst notification. Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:


Is it intentional that there are two recipes for the well ?
One in the masons crafting and one in the carpenter’s crafting ?

sorry if my english is bad. Im from Germany :yum:


Yes, there’s one craftable by the carpenter and there’s one craftable by the stone mason.


But why ? :confused:


Cause it can take a bit too long to get a stone mason to craft the stone one and your hearthlings could die before you can get them water to drink, so then the mod maker added in a well that the carpenter can craft, but that doesn’t give you as much water when you harvest from it.


I was typing up a long winded explanation about berries, calories and hydration and only being able to address one expendable resource at a time - but @Shiminay pretty much summed it up.

Wooden wells make hearthling thirst less of a pain. Stone wells make it even less.


^^ and now we will wait that you add the ricket well to the recipe of the mason well and if you want i can look into a new model for the ricket ^^


By the way not sure if anyone have reported this or not.
But many times when i want to make wells and put them out i often get ghost wells that never get placed and for example i put down 4 wells most of the time they only place 2 and rest ghost forever until i would undeploy the placed 2 even tho i had 4 in stockpile.


thats because they have to be planted the way they would drain the water off of it (the right side). So try to put them sideways


I’ll take a look later but I haven’t been able to replicate this since the last time you mentioned it. They are no special mechanics involved with the wells…as far as the game’s concerned it’s basically a berry bush.


Perhaps i just had them to close to eachother

Tested a bit
Kinda seem like it has to do how they are turned when next to eachother the upper one was placed and fast the lower one was never placed with the same rotation this close.


Yeah. Too close. The heathlings need access to the handle side in order to place and use the wells. Leaving a little more space will resolve this.


best is to make the region a bit bigger so that you havent the option to put them to near (yes i had the same issues xD)


I think im in love with this mod, I have wanted something like this for a while

I have a suggestion, split the cook into three jobs: the butcher, the backer and the innkeeper

The Butcher does your meat based foods, accept for the pies but ill come back to that.

The Backer Does Breads, Cakes ect. Practically everything that is a pastry, including meat pies.
The Butcher would cook the meat first, then have it delivered to the Backer who makes it into the pie

The Innkeeper would do drinks and everyday food items soup, fried eggs ect.

Things like the Ingredients and animal feed would be made by the Innkeeper and/or the Backer

The Innkeeper would be after the farmer, with the butcher and Backer after the Innkeeper

Hope you like my idea, it would be a big task to undertake, but it would add just a little bit more realism to the game.


This sounds like a lot of work but it does sound really neat. (-=