[MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.95


Rice seems not to be sellable for me at least.

I have the same experience as groms


No use for honey yet?


There are some recipes that uses honey, try wieses [Alpha22.5] BreweryMod
I think, could be wrong, that there are more recieps which need honey.


How do you get the bees? I’ve read that theres a quest but i am unsure how to trigger this.



Looks llike it is broken … it does not get triggered in my games in A20
I do not know if this is a bug or just my game/unluck … whatever BUT the cafe mod food is just lying around.
My hearthlings will not eat it. They rather eat raw food than eating the good cafe mod stuff :frowning:


Thanks for letting know. Seems there have been some changes to how food works. I’ll update as soon as I can.


I started a new game on Sunday (A20 with cafe mod and some others active) and the bee quest triggered correctly. Thus, it seems to work. Just wanted to let you know.


Thanks BarbeQ
And keep up the awesome work froggy … or we have to eat french frog legs :smiley:


Whoops, I forgot to mention food quality on the Alpha 20 modding changes topic.
Now it’s updated :slight_smile:


One thing I’ve always noticed, if you put this mod in an already existing game the bee quest doesn’t trigger. Start a new one and it does ok.


@Fitzik, it triggered for me.


any chance of a berry merchant? Maybe you have a link or a file that could tell me how to add coconuts, strawberries and blueberries and apples to the juice menu for the basic cafe mod? is there a brewery patch of some kind?
Are there plans to add ingredients (rice,etc.) to the merchant list to get rid of excess?

Whining aside, thank you for the great work on the mod, i really enjoy it.


What category is the honey under? i got the better stockpiles mod but the little buggers won’t put it away unless i mark the chest to accept all


I dont like the water implementation… They get thirsty way too often and the well only works per heartling


I think the well gets out 10 units of water, so I feel you have like 4 wells and are harvesting them at least once a day you’ll not have an issue with thirst.


or you harvest berry they also less the thirstlvl - or you get also the companionmod brewerymod - there are lots of drinks and farmingitems for the thirst xD


How does one make the well? Have the mod not sure what to do many thanks


The mason makes it a lvl 2 I think


could it be that the stonehearth cafe mod food is not as tasty as the normal food?
My hearthlings seem to eat it … I think but they prefer every none mod coocked food much more.

Do my hearthlings have a Special taste ? or are the cafe meals not as tasty as they should?


Hey @groms :slight_smile: Cafe is a little worse for wear at the minute and needs a rather time consuming update. Time which I haven’t had due to being away with work for the last 3 weeks. I’ve had limited access to the forums but have been making notes of what I have to fix. I’ve also come up with a few new items I’d like to add so stay tuned…