[MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.95


I will check it out. Thanks.


The well is made by a level 2 mason and require wood and stone. I had no mentioned this before but the Heartlings are no longer eating berries to quench their thirst. I was not sure if this was a result of the cookmod or one of the other mod I was running. I just ensure that I promote a mason and rush them to 2nd level to get the wells. No one has been seriously hurt in this process.


They aren’t? Hmm - that’s bad. I’ll confirm and then fix this later today.


A lot of the new ingredients that this mod has added are coming up as blank in my game, the only additional crops that I’m able to grow seem to be potato and rice. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.
Also, I can’t build the distiller due to one of the requirements boxes for it being blank also, any ideas?


[Update] Don’t know what happened, but I opened console, destroyed the ghost wells, then tried again and it worked. Woot!?

Hey! Thanks for the cool mod! I’m here to report a problem.
I placed a well and it appears ghostlike but no hearthling will ever place it. I placed other items afterward, right near it, to be sure that it’s not just that they’re busy and they placed the other items, but not the well. Over two days have passed and no one has placed the well. I crafted another to be sure, and they won’t place it no matter what.
Then I noticed, oddly, the well doesn’t show up now in my place items menu, but if I go to a merchant, you can see I have two in my inventory to sell.

I have a lot of thirsty children begging for some water, so I’m hoping there’s a way to fix this!
Thank you!


@Soul_Badger do you have the brewery mod installed and is it the latest version. I have been using these mod for while and I am not having that issue with these mod. When I do have issues like the one that you are pointing out it is usually due to a version change. The item that is missing in your image is the large barrel created by the carpenter from the brewerymod.

@Froggy mod items will all have the (Café) icon in the lower left hand corner.

you should be able to get the latest version of brewerymod from this thread


@Geokhan Thank you for sending me the link for the updated brewery mod! It works a charm now :slight_smile:


I have now encountered my next problem, please excuse my noobiness. My towns net worth is about 20,000 but I cannot find any bees. I got th dialog box to say a strange buzzing tree had appeared but I can’t see anything.


You should be able to scan the map and see a very large, and I mean very large tree with a red arrow pointing down right above it. Some times it is a good distance (but not all the way across the map far, but out in the unexplored areas) from you town.

Once you chop that tree down the quest should continue, and you will be required to click on the nest (that should be on the ground where you chopped the tree down).


Thank you for your help, I really should open my eyes.

Is there any way to get more queens after this initial nest? Am I missing the obvious again?


I am not sure, but I would say no. when I play as the RC, I have never received more than what it said in the dialog box. Playing as the ascendancy I have received 3 queen bees, made the 3 hives and then still have one queen bee, in stockpile. Not sure if this is caused by the carpenter critting (like when they make a fine item). I have not seen any merchant selling them (It would be neat if they were incorporated into the level 2 merchants) and The scenario only executes once so no more available that way.


I recently started using this mod and i really like the pigs. As you may or may not know i have my own mod as well with decoration and i wanted to ask if i can use your pig model as base for a swine head for on the wall. I probably modify it to look moor like a swine but the pig is a nice base to start with ^¢^

Let me know if i may!


If i want to use the .rar how do i install it?


Awesome mod :slight_smile:

I did not really find an answer … too many replies … how do I get more queen bees?
I did get the two from the quest but I want moar moar A LOT moar :slight_smile:

Add cooking recipes
mashed potatoes, which needs 2 or 3 potatoes
or let potatoes count as vegetable for the vegetable stew
since the potatoes are not very usefull atm.


I already sended froggy a message. I want to create a child mod which gives a lot of new recipes to make for the cook. Including potato recipes.

Still waiting for reply ^¢^

And i am in need of more bees as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Did somebody say they needed more bees?


But that’s just one bee.

… in a turtleneck sweater.


Bug found @Froggy
Rice seems not to be sellable for me at least.


I have this mod installed with the better stockpile mod, I made a crop of potato and rice and my villagers dont seem to want to haul it once the farmer harvests them, also the crops dont count towards gaining more people. Anybody else have this issue?


has nothing todo with cafe - its an issue if better stockpile since a20