[MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.95


Anyone have trouble with this mod causing stuttering in the latest release? I pinpointed it to this one, the save file I have with this mod stutters and lags especially around the drink time, the save I’m running without it does fine with 9 more hearthlings in it.


Cool! Thanks!
Thanks for the feedback on the missing tag information. I’ll fix it for the next release.
Berries and Pears are behaving as intended as they offer both sustenance and hydration. I’ll look in to whether there is a better way to handle this though.
Potatoes are indeed a food ingredient. Have you ever eaten a raw potato?!

This mod works fine with 663 - It’s probably a problem with your installation. I’m guessing you used the rar version rather than the smod version? This can happen if you extract incorrectly.

The mod shouldn’t be causing stuttering. Unless your game stutters when hearthlings eat too. The drink mechanic is a rework of the hearthling eat mechanic. I would be grateful if you continue to monitor an report any reproducible issues you find :slight_smile:


What is a …never mind LOL. Thanks for the continued attention to this mod @Froggy


Hmm… yeah, you mark a point xD


Not sure what fixed it. It ran fine when I took a couple other mods out. Added it back but also added the brewery mod with it cause who needs storage and now everything is kosher.


It seems i cant find a recepie for boiled potato, as for boiled rice… Have to eat it raw… :slight_smile:

Much of the stuff only sort in stockpiles with all checked (rice, yest, yakfood).
I use better stockpile, i do not know which one doing it.


Boiled potato is a little boring, but I will add Jacket Potato. You will be able to make it soon™ with potato and cheese.

Yeast isn’t mine, but the rest stockpile just fine. If you’re checking the 3rd option “Cooking Ingredients and Animal feeds” then another mod is causing the items not to stockpile.


This looks like a great mod! I dislike having to click the water every single time from the well. Is there a way to automate this somewhat? Perhaps make it a craftable, that the cook needs to go and get?


You can harvest it like crops, so it doesn’t require having to click on each well each time. :slight_smile:


So Im confused is this mod up to date with Alpha 19?


I am still on stable a18, so I cannot speak to where it stands for a19


I’m on unstable 19 and it’s working beautifully for me.

Also, having a way to auto-harvest water up to a set amount would be great, because otherwise it’s a super huge pain to use it for cooking (like rice).


There shouldn’t of been any changes between A18-A19 to cause this mod(or relatively any of them…) to break.

A19 update is mostly Rayya’s children additions along with some bug fixes. Nothing I’m aware of that’ll cause most mods to no longer work if they worked in A18.


I have not had any issue with cookmod (Stonehearth Café) on the latest A19 build(3181).


im not sure if its this mod that has it or another mod. but i have been seeing talk about a fishing pole and maybe a fisherman profession. i would like to know more about it.


I’m working on a fishing mechanic for Café (you can see some of the equipment in the mod folders), but with Candledark, and now Frostfeast… which may or may not currently be in active development… its on the back burner.


ok thanks for telling me what it was about.


Super bad idea to read this when you’re hungry. And yes I have eaten a raw potato. It’s quite starchy.


I cannot for the life of me figure out how to build the well. My dudes are all thirsty and I can’t help them. :-/


if i’m not mistaken, the well is made by the Mason, however in the start of the game berries will also relieve thirst, or some such thing…