[MOD] Smart Crafter

Although the idea is nice, you really shouldn’t override lua files that way.


Yes, I completely agree. And I’m gonna change it so it won’t do that, I just wanted to get the core logic for adding new recipes in first. The real challenge will be to make it able to detect when new items gets added to the crafting list, without losing any of the current features.

Brilliant job! Looking forward to giving it a whirl later on. =)

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little issue: 10 bolt of cloth = 29 spool of thread? not 30 :wink: i will test it with the rest

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It’ll be 29 if you have 1 thread already in your inventory.

But if you didn’t have one already then something is wrong…

ok recheck i have a spool ^^ but i dont know from where - workshop fresh build ^^but i get some lua errors when i try to make the higher qual ^^

I’ll try and repro this, though I think we’re the problem is coming from.

Thanks for testing it out!

i have to thank you for you work!

just for info i have also the mod from froggy active (cookmod)

wow!!!Very good, but the download link is not good, why? There are other download link?

the downloadlinks works perfect? its only dropbox?

The link shouldn’t give any problem, but you can try the link over here (I added the link in the OP). Let me know if you still have any problems. :smile:

@Wiese2007, I’m trying a fix for the problem. I think it’s slightly connected to cookmod but not something that’s colliding, more of me being lazy when coding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But for the worker’s winter outfit, I didn’t get any errors when trying to craft it, everything works as intended, with or without the cookmod.

Anyway, I’ll update the mod later today and see if it’s fixed for you then.

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Does this work with building projects and/or is there a feasible way to get it to do so? That is, place a building design, order it to build, and the carpenter will get making all the furniture?

nope this should work NOW ^^ - i didnt see any code for this ^^

For now it doesn’t. And I don’t think I’ll do that either since I don’t want to remove too much interaction with the crafters. But we’ll what could happen in the future.

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perhaps they use your idea for later in the game :wink: as an Ability Smart Crafter xD

If they did that, it’d be an honor! :blush:
But it’s not something I wanna get hung up on, whatever TR think of and implement, I’m sure it will be great. I mean, SH is already pretty good, but they just keep making it better! :smiley:


Alright @Wiese2007, I’ve updated the mod now, please check and let me know if you still got the same error. :smile:

In addition to the change that hopefully fixes the error, I’ve also changed it to make all the necessary stuff even if you have it all in your inventory. Reason for this is that you might want to use that for other recipes.

For example when crafting a bunch of cloth bolts, you make 3 threads each, later on (when the weaver has crafted some threads) you add something else that also requires threads. The weaver find threads in the stockpile, but doesn’t know that it’s supposed to be used for the cloth, and then doesn’t craft more threads (even though he should).


@drotten im on the road :smiley:

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ok something isnt correct ^^ when i want to build some outfit its only add 2 bolt of cloths or leather - but when they doesnt use the inventory - they should first produce 3 spool of thread then 2 clothes and then the outfit (or for leather 1)? or iam wrong?

but i don´t get the error anymore :smiley: great work!


You’re not, it’s as you say (though it should be 6 threads :wink:)
Anyway, the threads should be added there. I’m starting to suspect the error lies elsewhere. I see that you got a different kind of error there though, something that shouldn’t be isn’t because of this mod. It might be related to that, hard to say though.
Do you load up a saved game when trying this? If you do, try starting a new game and see if the error persists.

I’m glad to hear though that your previous error is gone, progress! :smiley: