[Mod] Slabs with terrain colors [A20+]

Well, after some time, this needs an update due to Mods version 2.
In this update, I’ll add the colors according to the different biomes, and not only for slabs but for walls and columns too.

But the mod is currently broken.
@sdee, I’m doing the same mixinto as before, however, this time I’m adding colors to the 3 materials (wood, stone and clay bricks). Even if the JSON looks fine compared to the original file, the UI gets broken, and I don’t know why.

Adding colors to the 3 makes that I can only see the first material that it’s shown (wood for Ascendancy, clay bricks for Rayya’s). It doesn’t let me switch materials on the building UI.

I’ve updated the link in the OP with the broken mod, maybe someone can tell me why this happens. (I’m impressed that the previous link got 111 downloads :sweat_smile: ).


It would seem that the building designer doesn’t like it when there are duplicate colors (even if the color is on a different resource type).

Once I removed all the duplicate colors found among the stones and clay, I could switch between them. I did the change only for slabs, but the same bug were showing for the walls as well so the same solution would have to be applied to them as well.


Is that so?
Hmm… That’s bad, it’s somewhat restrictive… :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for taking a look. I’ll update the fixed version now :smiley:


Yeah it is. I understand that there can’t be duplicate colors within the same resource, but to have the same restriction among the different resources seems a bit… silly. Is this possibly a bug in the system, @sdee?

Happy to help! :slightly_smiling:


I am not entirely sure why the building designer takes colors the way it does; adding @ponder!


Well… I’m gonna go to lazy route and just say:

Cause Reasons. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m guessing that also for deconstruction reasons. But then, when scaffolding/ladder is torn down in the desert, you get foreign wood for free anyway?


Hey hey, tempted to add this to PraiseDB? :wink:

Hey there!

I’m super new to the game and was wondering if this mod worked in the alpha 15 build?? I know it says 14 but I believe I saw youtubers using old saves and things when doing let’s plays so I wasn’t sure if that effected this or not. Thanks!!

could we also have tree greens as well please! that would be amazing if it is possible! along with the tree trunk browns as well.

@Nark yes this mod works in Alpha 15 without problems I’m using it myself :slight_smile:
Welcome to the discourse!

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I am also using this mod with Alpha 15 without any issues as well

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Thank you!! I’ve been very worried my mistakes with paths would be permanent, thank god they’re not lmao

And thank you @Simica_Na for answering as well!!

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@Nark yes I have been using it for this build


Omg that’s gorgeous!! :heart_eyes:
Hopefully I’ll have the creativity and skill to build lovely things like this as I play more.

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@Nark thank you! this is my thread dedicated to the town build if you want to check it out!


I’ve updated the title and the main post to reflect the latest compatible version.

Thanks for the reminder!


It also works well in Alpha 16 release 599


Awesome mod, man! =D Tyvm. ^^

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A WARNING TO ALL THE USERS OF THIS MOD: it will be broken in the next Stonehearth version (whenever it is released), so you might receive in-game errors and/or won’t be able to use the building editor after you’ve updated the game.
I’ll reupload the mod with the fix when the time comes.

However, I’m not sure of the side effects it could have upgrading the mod on a certain savefile and then saving again with the new Stonehearth version. I’ll try to test before submitting the fix, hopefully everything will work fine, since it’s just a little adjustment in the json files to add names to the colors :slight_smile: