[Mod] Settlement Decor Mod [Download available]


zomg yay! thanks!!! I’m looking forward to it!


Here you go. They are a bit taller than a hearthling and a slightly different style than the other spiked fences, though I will probably change those to match this style soon. Also more are produced by the carpenter at once now so its faster to build large walls.



now maybe you can maybe possibly add a GATE? that’s around the same height as this new palisade??? I don’t know if this is asking too much I just love your work enough to keep asking you to add more <3


and also since we’re on the subject of adding stuff that works with your mod. iron fences? :3 you made a great iron gate but no iron fences? I’m looking for a way to build my own grave yard and the gate works PERFECTLY but I think the gate alone isn’t enough. An enclosure made of iron fences would work far better than anything else available currently. Just some requests/suggestions because your work is great!


oh oh oh oh! another request!!! Could you make a decorative iron or wood wheel?! I want to make a village of “mobile” homes but I can’t design wheels with BLOCKS lol