[MOD] NorseHearth 0.3 [A24]


I have a sneaking suspicion this was aimed directly at me…

how goes one of my favorite projects, @TobiasSabathius? :smiley:


That’s not how wizard hats work but eh, every good institution needs some member to laugh at …


I meant more like you could write you own :smiley:. your idea is more epic though. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah,
I see what you actually wrote now. :eyeglasses:

and by ‘precisely’ I of course mean vaguely and in a tangental circuitous sort of way




Well, I have been picking @voxel_pirate’s capacious brain regarding his blender plugin as I have rather run-aground with my Maya one. I am sure I will get past it in the end but at the moment it is regularly reducing me to a quivering wreck hiding under a duvet in the corner needing to be coaxed out with cookies and sweet treats.

The next step is the wholesale production line of animations for draugr, viking and so forth. However, must fix plug-in … twitch



what if i were to offer you a duvet “covered” in cookies? would that entice you to ramp up production? :smile:


Just a quick update.

I have fixed my long standing plug-in problem with the UI/Python/PySide/QT/Maya/PyMel interaction.
So a victory, now I can get on with converting all the maya.cmd functions to python/PyMel.

Well, the above would be the case had I not suffered the indignity of a HDD crash losing 250GB of data this weekend.
So finally got my machine off its knees last night and got to assess the damage. Last 6 months of work is gone.

…but on the bright side I can do that clean up of all the files and models I have been promising myself. So much easier from scratch. However not looking forward to making and animating the spider again or remaking the Norsehearth Logo.

From the ashes of a ruined hard drive will rise a leaner, stronger, faster Norsehearth. For did not the All-father send squirrels with icicles to torment Hod while he practice mistletoe darts?

… well, no he didn’t but it is the kind of thing he would do.

So onward and upward.



… sorry for the data loss. Good that you see something positive in it. If you like we can ask the community to create a spider model for you based on the old animation :wink:.


dear Raya, thank you for the blessings you have bestowed upon us… :pray:

best of luck on your rebuilding effort!


Cheers Chaps,

To be honest most of the models done so far were essays, learning exercises and style tests easily recreated from pictures.
My biggest worry is that I may have moved some important stuff to that drive and I just can’t remember. Well I am sure it will all come to light eventually.

So now I must buy more disks and maybe an offsite back-up and DR solution, probably in a bunker or something powered by geothermal vents or a quantum singularity. Or maybe its time to dust off the old ‘evil lair volcano’ plans again, nothing like loss to drive a super villain origin story.

hmmm much to consider…



As there are this evil NSA and GCHQ outside… aren’t @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747… no, can’t be. Well, I have a local backup solution in place. Simply a second HDD which mirrors my data-partition automatically. It also saves older versions of files, so more than I need and quite cheap.


i didnt catch if the drive in question was internal or external (main disk or archive itself), but i adopted a simple policy a few years back, of plugging in a 2TB external drive, and backing up once per quarter all my “OMG i’ll just totes lose it if i cant keep this!” files there… seems to work, for now… :smile:

just stear clear of sharks with frickin’ laser beams… that path never ends well, for anyone…


Grumpy king wants to know ‘What’s taking Norsehearth so long?’


excellent marketing tactic… now, give me moar!


It’s from european style games. The little people are meeples. Just to clear it up.


And what is the excuse of his dishonorable subordinate? :wink:


"I ran out of gas! I had a flat tire! I didn’t have enough money for cab fare!
My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners! An old friend came in from out of town!
Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake!
A terrible flood! Locusts!


something along those lines.

Oh Steve, always you suspect the worst. :innocent:

In fact I spent the weekend creating a ‘bombproof’ infrastructure for Norsehearth:

  • Double redundancy storage with both onsite and off site repositories.
  • Set up Atlassian JIRA and Fisheye to monitor in eye-watering detail
    the plan as it goes south.
  • Numerous IDEs which cover maya integration for fast iterations.
  • Jenkins to control the new drops from Radiant and dump them into an
    externals repository and then rebuild the dev environment at the push
    of a button.
  • umm… added some nice icons and a dark theme to jira.

(most of the above was completely unnecessary but high-larious fun and just to document the levels to which I can get sidetracked on a good idea :cookie: )

Also did a burn in test of the infrastructure and completed about a third of the Maya Utility app conversion, Some Norse weapons and remodeled a Norse building.




Am i the only one who think it is a bit funny that Allfather’s Raven swear to God? Or is it just me?


Thorbjorn, I didn’t say which god, I tend to use the shorthand had just in case there are more than one listening, the last thing you want is one of THEM to feel left out.




hmm thats a pretty good point you shouldn’t risk on of THEM showing up and throwing stones through you windows (if you get the reference :))