Mod Menu Question

What do the gray and green bars underneath the mods mean? I’ve noticed that some of my mods aren’t working in my game so I figured it has something to do with that.

Can you take a screenshot? As in I have no idea what you mean by bars below mods

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i think it has something to do with mods within a mod


I’m seeing no bars there. Do you mean when you are uploading a mod? that would be just a progress bar of the upload process

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Oh, silly me.

have you looked at the full picture? in the preview here there are no bars, but when you click on it and it gets big, you can see a green and a gray bar

ah, yeah those are the updating/uploading bars. presumable if they arent made by you, its best to unsubscribe/resubscribe to them

Thanks for warning me about click on the picture, I thought that was all. Yes, it is just a progress bar about updating it. Gray is empty, and it gets filled with green until 100%