[MOD] Magic Combat


Earth Fire Frost Wind
Footman Archer Knight Cleric
:mountain: :fire: :snowflake: :tornado:

Hearthlings have attained elemental magic powers to use in their higher level skills! :crossed_swords:
Battles will be more flashy :camera_flash: and it adds visual special effects, with some minor damage adjustments for the Footman, Knight, Archer and Cleric jobs.
Hope you enjoy it!

:stars: Download it on the Steam Workshop: Magic Combat Mod

:arrow_right: For non-Steam users, link to mod file: magicombat.smod
Please put the file into the folder named Stonehearth\mods


Lol, someone has been tinkering with cubemitters XD, I gotta see this :stuck_out_tongue:


Have fun, Wouter! I was inspired by the Zilla fire stomp :merry:


Hi, Finderswor

you can post a link for those who do not have a Steam account.

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I added a link to download the mod file on the Top post. Its with Google drive, which I haven’t really used, so I hope you can’t change any of the files and save over top of the original version.

:arrow_right: I uploaded an updated version of the mod for non-Steam users. Fixed the bug with the skill for Clan Amberstone citizens.

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Todays update added effects for Crossbow use in the ACE mod, for both Humans and Rabbit Citizens. Also added in effects for all the Advanced Classes from the High Class mod, due to request.

Get it on the Steam Workshop, or
:arrow_heading_up: Non-Steam users, Please download an updated version of the mod file: magicombat.smod

I have to admit this is a good mod even though my laptop is a peace of garbage.
Keep it up.

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Thanks Edric, I also have a mod on Steam Workshop and here you might like, that adds Mage jobs called Space Magic :dizzy:


:arrow_heading_up: Updated Mod on Steam, and manual download file .smod
New ACE version 0.9.4 support for altered Knight level 6 skill to have the horn animation and sound as well as magic effect, plus effect for ACE Legendary Tome (Ascendancy Cleric)

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Love the mod, all the solders do seem way stronger now :smiley:

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