[MOD] Magic Combat



Earth Fire Frost Wind
Footman Archer Knight Cleric
:mountain: :fire: :snowflake: :tornado:

Hearthlings have attained elemental magic powers to use in their higher level skills! :crossed_swords:
Battles will be more flashy :camera_flash: and it adds visual special effects, with some minor damage adjustments for the Footman, Knight, Archer and Cleric jobs.
Hope you enjoy it!

:stars: Download it on the Steam Workshop: Magic Combat Mod

:arrow_right: For non-Steam users, link to mod file: magicombat.smod
Please put the file into the folder named Stonehearth\mods

Also on the Steam Workshop, you can check out some Varanus building templates I made,

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Varanus Pack

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Frozen Varanus


Lol, someone has been tinkering with cubemitters XD, I gotta see this :stuck_out_tongue:


Have fun, Wouter! I was inspired by the Zilla fire stomp :merry:


Hi, Finderswor

you can post a link for those who do not have a Steam account.


I added a link to download the mod file on the Top post. Its with Google drive, which I haven’t really used, so I hope you can’t change any of the files and save over top of the original version.

:arrow_right: I uploaded an updated version of the mod for non-Steam users. Fixed the bug with the skill for Clan Amberstone citizens.