[MOD] Kaimonkey's Traits Version 3 -- Now with Pacifists, Barbarians and more!


Really liking this mod :jubilant: keep up the great work!


And martial training bow bug finally fixed!


I’m kinda curious, how on earth’s name did you fix it :p?


Here is all of the code in that commit :wink:

Basically there were two problems. One is that the ranged combat AI is part of the archer, and the second is that the ranged attack ““item”” is part of the archer, not actually part of the bow (Weird, right?).

I fixed this by creating a buff which injected the AI, and a slotless item which has the ranged attack. Finally I add an equipment change listener which checks if the character is holding a bow, and gives/removes the buff and equips/unequips the item.

IMPORTANT WARNING FOR STUPID PEOPLE SUCH AS MYSELF: If you are adding an “on equipment changed” listener, and then you equip and item within that listener, you will create an infinite loop… :stuck_out_tongue:


hi , is it planned to make this mod translatable ?


@Erazil Err… I assume it’s a faux pas to say “its on GitHub can’t someone else do that?”?

I am aware it’s not translatable right now, I believe there is only one raw string in the code itself, the rest are just in the JSON files.

I suppose if I can be convinced that there is demand for it than I’ll happily go ahead, but I don’t really wanna put 2 hours of unpaid work into something if only 3 people are actually going to benefit from it? How many translaters currently support mods anyhow?


@kaimonkey if you don’t allow non-English-speaking communities to translate your work so that your mod is ultimately multi-lingual it doesn’t risk becoming so… :wink:

in the mod list I would like to use it is one of the only ones that is not currently translatable, I fully understand your point of view and it is true that until now there has been a few ( but there are some) translated mods even if most can be, but personally I play only with mods translated into my language ( and I translate them myself if necessary) and I just start watching the translations now whereas I have Stonehearth since November 2013 because before the v1.0 it seems premature to me to make mod translations that may no longer be there at the release.

I think that with 3174 subscribers just on steam there are more than 2 or 3 users who would be interested in a version in their languages.

well, in any case I respect your final choice:)


I guess I will put it this way:

  • If someone puts forward a git pull request with the strings localized I will certainly merge that git branch in and upload that version to steam.
  • If someone puts a git pull request with just the json stuff localised, I will asap go through and make sure the lua stuff is localizable, then merge+upload
  • If someone promises me they will upload a translation mod for my mod if I do the localizableation work, I will do that, but only “at some point”
  • And finally, 95% in jest, if someone let’s me invoice them even ⅓ of my normal hourly rate I will do it that same day :yum:


Any Direct Download links here?


Here is a direct link via github


currently slightly over half way in localising ATM, you will get a push later :stuck_out_tongue:

@Erazil this means you can translate most of it at a later moment :stuck_out_tongue:


Dammit someone called my bluff… :joy::yum:


-chuckles maniacally-


Is there a way to limit which traits to include? It’s difficult to… “dispose” of bad-stat pacifists.


I personally suggest you embrace your less perfect citizens. Failing that you can make manual modifications to the traits_index.json file in the mod if you want to, and simply remove the block that starts with “pacifist”. If you dont feel comfortable with trying that then I’m not sure what to suggest…


I was looking for a lead as to which file to manually edit, yeah. Thanks!


I don’t know, if you take suggestions, for new traits, but if so, I could give you a few with details how I would imagine them :slight_smile:

This is one of the best mods, that I found on the workshop and my entire army relies on it (one goblin-babarian as dps machine, one knight with a bow and shield)

Ok. Here are a few of my suggestions:
(BTW everything is just an idea, if and how you use these is obviously up to you)
I would also like to add, that I’m sorry for my spelling, English is not my mothertongue.

Glasscannon and Tank:
-Glasscannon has a way higher muscle (damage) stat than others, but way less stammina (health) than others. Also the additional stammina from knight and co. should be halfed or so.
-Tank has way higher stammina than others, but way less muscle than others. additional damage from footman and co. should be nerved in some way

1.Can’t use shields, two handet weapons or bows.
2.(if possible) can use 2 one handet weapons. otherwise just boost the muscle stat slightly and the speed stat moderatly

1.Has a way higher speed stat than others
2.Has a lower dilligence stat (has to sleep more often and / or longer)

Hobby Artist:
1.Has a higher inspiration stat (fine and excellent items are crafted more often)
2.Unhappy if not in a crafter job (Carpenter, Blacksmith, etc.)

(I don’t have a name for this one yet)
1.Speed, courage and muscle stat get higher, when on low health
2.Gets Happy when in a fight
3.Gets Unhappy when not in a fight for to long

Art critic:
1.Positive aestetics make him/her way hapier than normal people
2.Negative aestetics make him/her way sader than normal people


Hey i was wondering if it would be possible to lower the chance of getting Divine Soul and Barbarians?
it seems a bit to frequent to me currently


Hey @Banto:
Sorry you’re feeling this way, but this is not so much an issue with the mod as an issue with the human perception of probability: all traits are equally likely to appear, it just happened that in your game they appeared a lot more often than they should- but with 3000 downloads its a probabilistic certainty that in some games that will happen!

The only solution would be for me to make a seperate mod to make trait selection less random, and close to what humans feel is random, for example by making traits that no hearthlings like doubly weighted, traits that one hearthling has normally weighted, and traits multiple hearthlings have half weighted.

This is similar to the problem apple had with their shuffle feature where people where listening to their music on shuffle so often, that the times when songs by the same artist played 3 times in a row stood out as wrong. "Hey! ", the human thinks, “The chances of those 3 songs being picked out of 100 is like tiny, this must be a bug”, but they are not accounting for that there are 25 different artists that could have happened too, and they’ve listed to tracks on this playlist hundreds if not thousands of times. Apple fixed this by making the things that feel less random appear less, which in reality makes the shuffle more predictable

TL;DR: No :wink:


I hear that but for balancing gameplay it does not seem atleast to me as a good way to have something such as an free cleric as common as other traits because it might break the game balance a lot.

To me it feels like Barbarian and Divine Soul should be way lower chance of happening for the sake of balance if thats the goal to have a balanced gameplay and it will also make the Divine Soul more of a "WOW i just got a Divine Soul! :jubilant: instead of meh its just another one i take it but not that excited even tho its good :slight_smile: