[MOD] Kaimonkey's Traits Version 3 -- Now with Pacifists, Barbarians and more!


Please note that reembarking with a divine soul will reset their class to Cleric and destroy their current class totem.


please upload the direct mod
there are people who do not have a steam account



Timberer - This hearthling really enjoys cutting trees, and with care and precision manages to get a few more logs and seeds out of every tree.

Marathoner - Always looking for any excuse to run, this hearthling seeks out the most distant items to haul, and always runs a bit more quickly.

Too Far Removed - Animals get creepy-crawlies when around this hearthling, and sometimes flee in terror. Can’t have a pet at all.

Grounded - This hearthling is terrified of heights, and tries to avoid climbing high ladders and standing next to ledges.

Little Fish - This hearthling loves the water and is happy when there is some nearby. Swimming is also a favorite passtime, and an interesting topic of discussion.

Feathered Friend - This hearthling simply loves birds of all types, and they know it. Has a bird pet and enjoys being around birds.

Paladin - Special traditions and a gift from on high allows this hearthling to deal greater damage to undead foes, and to be more courageous when in their presence.

Roadrunner - Aside from also being flightless, this hearthling really likes roads and moves noticeably faster when running on them.

Penned In - This hearthling loves being indoors or underground, the smaller the space the better! That sky though… that terrible vast sky…

Termite - No one knows how it’s possible, but this hearthling enjoys nothing more than a filling meal of tasteless wood. Better keep plenty on hand!

Silly - This hearthling might take frequent breaks, but everyone enjoys the antics that ensue! Tends to stumble, lay down, put animals on his/her head, climb to high places to sing, put things out of place, etc. Mood boost for this hearthling and those nearby.

Issues - No one has ever successfully consoled this hearthling, who seems to be grumpy and unhappy all of the time. But in a fight, the enemies had better look out! Suffers less from being in a bad mood, but always in a really bad mood. Courage and damage are boosted, especially when not assigned to a military job.

Brawny - This hearthling has been blessed with a tremendous and imposing physique. Increased health and foes have less courage when nearby, but moves slower and doesn’t dodge that well.

Agile - This hearthling has been blessed with a light and lithe physique. opposite of brawny

Sensual - This hearthling loves fine silk, a comfortable bed, luxuriant seating, and the finest clothing. Straw is bedding for beasts. mood boost when high quality weavers’ decorations are nearby, and when they own a comfy bed; penalty for not owning a bed or for owning a mean bed, and for not having clothing in equipment (crafter’s clothing counts too).

Emberheart - This hearthling is always the first to the bonfire, and loves flickering flames. also does a little more damage when a fire arrow is equipped

Moist - This hearthling gets uncomfortable when using padded furniture, preferring to instead touch simple stone, wood, or clay.

Creep - Talking to this hearthling usually ends in regret for both parties. If only folks weren’t so kind that they keep giving it a chance anyway. Prefers solitude and never gets lonely, too.

Handsy - With quick fingers like these, stacking’s a breeze! Takes less time to pick things up and put them down.

Cloudy Eyes - Everyone seems to enjoy talking about this hearthling’s beautiful, pale eyes. That’s it, it’s just cosmetic and a talking point.

Gourdcrafter - Weather a gourd or pumpkin, this hearthling seems to find a way to turn it into something useful. Occasionally reaches for gourds or pumpkins instead of stone, wood, or clay, which the vegetable then turns into. Probably happens more often if supplies are running low but there’s plenty of crops.

Raised by Wolves - This hearthling’s wolf pet is sort of a sister, too. Prefers meat to veg and moves fast, but not very good at conversation. Never fearful of wolves.


Possible Bug/s with:

Martial Trained Footmen equip Bows and don’t use them like archers, they just stand there pointing the bow but they don’t shoot any arrows.
They also often prefer to use the pickaxe from the (Miner Profession) mod over other weapons that do more damage than the pick.

Haven’t had any other Issues with the traits so far.

Best regards



Still eagerly awaiting when Martially trained works with bows!


Is it possible to set_trait with this mod?
I tried to move Pacifist from one of my Lings to another, and it didn’t deny the command, but it also didn’t actually do anything.

Is there any way to add/remove this mod’s traits on a particular Ling?


The path you need to enter into the console is kmnky_traits:traits:traitname
So I can use remove_trait kmnky_traits:traits:wizened, and add_trait kmnky_traits:traits:martial_trained. Etc, etc.


Ah… It looks like that the author of this mod put the priority (a value to represent how good a weapon or tool is) to max for his pick-axes… :confused:
Not really sure how to solve that in a general way…

Yeah, I entirely and blindly assumed that the combat logic was based on what weapon a character had equipped. I am currently visiting my SO state-side so will not have much time to investigate this (although if anyone has looked into the combat AI do hit me up). Based on these reports my guess is that the combat logic is class based in some way…

Oh, and if anyone can let me know a way I can spawn in a realistic amount of enemies do let me know. The campaign viewer’s “trigger now” buttons rarely work for me. This is the main reason that this issue was not picked up during development, I simply got tired of trying to spawn in enemies/waiting for waves so just assumed it worked how I wanted it to work :stuck_out_tongue:


I might be able to do something fun here: In the pathfinding algorithm there is a part where, when choosing a route, a hearthling treats some voxels as giving a different speed boost than they actually do. This is used so that even though roads only give a small speed boost, the pathfinder thinks it gives a big speed boost, and thus the hearthlings will always walk on the roads as much as reasonably possible.
It would be real fun if I modified that so that this hearthling used the same trick to pathfind through water.


If I’m not mistaking, @paulthegreat is adding new water features to ACE, like checking if a field is next to water. You may find some of his functions useful for this.


True, adding a water_signal_component to the hearthling’s entity (and setting its region/detection range, which is automatically relative to the entity’s location) should work for detecting whether there’s water or a waterfall nearby (or checking their volume). Then you just need to add your own trait component or service or whatever to listen to the water signal’s events to add buffs or adjust their mood.


Trait - Nudist:
Hearthling refuses to wear gear, even basic outfits, preferring to be as nature intended… plus undergarments as a compromise to other Hearthlings.


That one is going to have fun when winter hits… :’)


Is there any way to add your traits to a hearthling with the add_trait command?


Is it rude to answer questions using only quotes…?


No, it’s not rude, i didn’t see the answer in the previous post, thanks


Is there a list of what these traits are called so we can use them in console, e.g. “add_trait kmnky_traits:jack_of_all_trades”?


You can checkout out the manifest either looking at the file on your local computer, or on this (currently outdated, and therefore incomplete) github link

You can also use the asset stamper which, IIRC, autocompletes to anything in the manifest, even if its “unstampable” like traits

Hope that helps


Hey, First I want to say I love your mod, and i have an idea for a trait what about an Undead trait kinda like the goblin trait have it so they look like the in game zombies, & make it so they have a large pool of health or cant be knocked down, for a downside you could do something like the nocternal trait. or have it so they greatly dicrease the towns moral.



A fix is finally coming! It turns out both the ranged AI and the bows attack is part of the archer job, rather than part of each individual bow!