[MOD] Kaimonkey's Traits Version 3 -- Now with Pacifists, Barbarians and more!

I was looking for a lead as to which file to manually edit, yeah. Thanks!

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I don’t know, if you take suggestions, for new traits, but if so, I could give you a few with details how I would imagine them :slight_smile:

This is one of the best mods, that I found on the workshop and my entire army relies on it (one goblin-babarian as dps machine, one knight with a bow and shield)

Ok. Here are a few of my suggestions:
(BTW everything is just an idea, if and how you use these is obviously up to you)
I would also like to add, that I’m sorry for my spelling, English is not my mothertongue.

Glasscannon and Tank:
-Glasscannon has a way higher muscle (damage) stat than others, but way less stammina (health) than others. Also the additional stammina from knight and co. should be halfed or so.
-Tank has way higher stammina than others, but way less muscle than others. additional damage from footman and co. should be nerved in some way

1.Can’t use shields, two handet weapons or bows.
2.(if possible) can use 2 one handet weapons. otherwise just boost the muscle stat slightly and the speed stat moderatly

1.Has a way higher speed stat than others
2.Has a lower dilligence stat (has to sleep more often and / or longer)

Hobby Artist:
1.Has a higher inspiration stat (fine and excellent items are crafted more often)
2.Unhappy if not in a crafter job (Carpenter, Blacksmith, etc.)

(I don’t have a name for this one yet)
1.Speed, courage and muscle stat get higher, when on low health
2.Gets Happy when in a fight
3.Gets Unhappy when not in a fight for to long

Art critic:
1.Positive aestetics make him/her way hapier than normal people
2.Negative aestetics make him/her way sader than normal people

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Hey i was wondering if it would be possible to lower the chance of getting Divine Soul and Barbarians?
it seems a bit to frequent to me currently

Hey @Banto:
Sorry you’re feeling this way, but this is not so much an issue with the mod as an issue with the human perception of probability: all traits are equally likely to appear, it just happened that in your game they appeared a lot more often than they should- but with 3000 downloads its a probabilistic certainty that in some games that will happen!

The only solution would be for me to make a seperate mod to make trait selection less random, and close to what humans feel is random, for example by making traits that no hearthlings like doubly weighted, traits that one hearthling has normally weighted, and traits multiple hearthlings have half weighted.

This is similar to the problem apple had with their shuffle feature where people where listening to their music on shuffle so often, that the times when songs by the same artist played 3 times in a row stood out as wrong. "Hey! ", the human thinks, “The chances of those 3 songs being picked out of 100 is like tiny, this must be a bug”, but they are not accounting for that there are 25 different artists that could have happened too, and they’ve listed to tracks on this playlist hundreds if not thousands of times. Apple fixed this by making the things that feel less random appear less, which in reality makes the shuffle more predictable

TL;DR: No :wink:


I hear that but for balancing gameplay it does not seem atleast to me as a good way to have something such as an free cleric as common as other traits because it might break the game balance a lot.

To me it feels like Barbarian and Divine Soul should be way lower chance of happening for the sake of balance if thats the goal to have a balanced gameplay and it will also make the Divine Soul more of a "WOW i just got a Divine Soul! :jubilant: instead of meh its just another one i take it but not that excited even tho its good :slight_smile:

Just a quick heads up, when paired with HOMF, the female hearthlings have to have an accessory, because there is no “none” for eyebrow slots. I understand this is more of a HOMF problem, but a relatively simple jury-rig fix is just to include an empty qb option as an “accessory”.

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Thanks! Works wonders!

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I may be nitpicking, but the Divine Soul’s staff does not have an equipment description or show up in their equipment tab.


Hey guys!
I’ve added some bug fixes and improvements, including adding special logic for Barbarian Rabbits, and Half Goblin Rabbits (they’re now greeeeen). Another patch will come for divine soul rabbits.

Basically, there’s an issue where if a hearthling that can’t be a class is forced to promote the game complains (e.g. footman rabbits).

From now on, if a barbarian hearthling can’t be a footman it will become an Archer instead. The only thing which can stop a hearthling becoming a footman in the base game is if it a bunny, but it is possible for mods to modify the job list of a particular citizen (e.g like my Pacifist trait)


Hey, guys, do y’all know what happened November 1st?
My views per day on steam dropped from 100 to 20, and my downloads from 20 to like 3. It happened very suddenly on November 1st after many months of consistent stats?!

Idk mate, either everyone already has your mod now, or something else happened

no clue man, maybe it dropped to page 2 of popular things in steam or something? /havent checked my own stuff for a drop, ill let you know if i see it too if i remember to check XD

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just checked, i dont see a random massive drop

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well i mean to be fair, Stonehearth isn’t the most massive mainstream game hit out there. and the modding community for smaller cult followed games tend to be smaller than the main community for that game as a whole. so it was bound to happen eventually on the workshop for downloads to drop.

Sure, it was more the suddenness of the drop which I found wierd. I reckon it’s just fallen off the front page or some such :slight_smile:

@kaimonkey could I borrow the Pacifist and Martial Trained icons for Adventure Mode diplomacy screen? They would suit it perfectly.

Yeah, sure 🤷

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Are you going to add more traits to this mod?

@kaimonkey Sorry to bump and old thread (eh, only a few months, but still :joy:), but will this be updated on the steam workshop any time soon? Shows last update was for Oct 2018, and I’d love to be able to use this mod. :slight_smile:

The mod is working fine, last I checked :slight_smile:

It might not be balanced for ACE but it has no issues as far as I can tell