Mod-Idea: Wards and Daemon Mod

I will explain my idea more later but peruse this for now:
Thesa Wiki

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Do you fear the night or do you revel in it?

Or Corelings are creatures of magic, each night they materialize upon the surface of the world searching for their next meal or just to cause havoc. Then returning back to the core of the planet, fleeing the rising sun.

Lesser Daemon:

  1. Fire

  2. Wind

  3. Stone

  4. Rock

  5. Clay

  6. Sand

  7. Wood

  8. Lake

  9. Lightning

  10. Field

  11. Marsh

  12. Bank

  13. Snow

Greater Daemon:

  1. Mimic

  2. Mind

  3. Queen





NOTE: If I ever make this it will be ages from now as I have no moding experience and until I get a better computer I will not be able to do much more than post my ideas.

Feel free to post art, ask questions, give your own ideas, I am only using the works of Peter V. Brett as a starting point so feel free to go away from that, give it a Stonehearth twist, any help is appreciated.

That said thank you for taking interest in this, I should update this as time goes on and as the ideas get flushed out.

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