[MOD] Fortify v0.6 [A24/Beta] (now on SteamWorkshop)


Also, just had an idea that might be right up your alley: secret bookcase door.
Sounds stoneheart- worthy to me :stuck_out_tongue:


I love this mod! :heart_eyes:
I will translate this mod into Traditional Chinese when it’s on Steam Workshop. If you don’t mind of course. :wink:


That would be great! Of course you are free to translate, this feels more like you are doing me a favor then a request :slight_smile:
I was considering to upload it to the workshop, but I still have some things on my agenda I want to finish first.
Anyway, if you like, I can send you the mod a few days before I’m going to put it on steam. Having a chinese translation from day 1 would be quite fancy. :wink:


Sure, I will wait for your good news. :grinning:

Btw, the locale file will be in the pack of my translation mod (which already had many mods translated), which means players still need to have your mod installed. :wink:


Dear community,
as you might have noticed, I haven’t updated this mod for a few weeks.
Since I’m working alone on my mods, every new idea takes time. Time I lose at other projects.
I will still continue this mod, but I’m working on something big for this and for a new mod of mine, so it might take some time untill I gathered enough inventions for another update.

All I can say is: Please stay patient. Updates are in the making :wink:


Take your time your making nice stuff for us which we appreciate :slight_smile: !


Any chance @JohnnyTendo you could keep the current stuff up-to-date on the workshop ? Cheers


I planed to release it on the workshop when I have added some building templates and completed some other tasks. But since you asked so nicely I will give everything related to this mod priority and do some other-mod related thing afterwards. It should go live on steam in a few days. :wink:


The new Version is now live on SteamWorkshop.

Rejoice! :tada:


You’re awesome man, it’s much appreciated !


Looks great! def gonna give it a go!


After unleashing Fortify on the Workshop, I got a bit quiet around here. I would like to give something for all the good feedback and help back, so I decided to let you know first about the next update.
The next update is mainly focused on the engineer. I think , and a lot people might agree, there are still too few turrets and traps for the engineer. This won’t stay that way!
Let me introduce exclusive to you, a first little preview:

What do you think: Is it to cruel? :sweat_smile:


Really nice. Personally I would make it less curvy, more squared.


indeed maybe a cube for the counter weight and a cubic spool ? if it whas spining arround a log
nice work


I know some people have been able to have diagonal parts in objects by animating them to stay at an angle. That could help make the shape a little clearer (and also means computers won’t be overwhelmed by having to draw all the detail :stuck_out_tongue: )

The animation’s spot on so far, though.


Wow! That looks really cool


more like the AoE trebuchet?
awesome idea btw :smiley:


Firing the goblins sheep back at them lol.


‘Luckily’ the Qubicle file seems to be corrupted, so I can try it out with a more squared shape. I know i tend to put to many curves in my creations. (At least for stonehearth)

@coasterspaul : I tried a couple of times to make diagonals like this, but always ended up with a really weird looking ghost-form. Is it even possible to animate the ghost form?


Looking good! Would be nice to have in the game. I hope you make it require a hearthling (worker) to function. :slight_smile:

A couple of thoughts that you can do with as you wish. Not that I’m an expert on animating trebuchets or anything. Just looking at pictures and thinking about why they look the way they do.

  1. Make the whole thing shake a bit as if it’s about to tumble forward when the arm stops and it needs to absorb the momentum. Show that there are big forces at work.
  2. The hexagonal shape of the arm is unnecessary. Keep it square to fit the style. Wide at the weight and the center of rotation and thinner on the other side, like a fork.
  3. It’s more practical to have a big bin with weights than one big boulder, though a big boulder gives it a certain style of course.
  4. Move the weight closer to the center of rotation. The more difference there is between the length of the arm on the weight side and the ammunition side the more speed the ammunition will get, since the weight should still fall at roughly the same speed.
  5. Having a longer sling for the ammunition adds to the speed as well.
  6. Move the spool of rope further back or further down so the weight have room to dangle a bit. Adds to the forceful animation.

Keep up the good work! Cheers! :slight_smile: