Mod-Diary: "The Chronicle"

Another quicky… I have created the first smaller versions (10 x 10 x 10 voxels) of some of the tools which should be used in this mod. For a first shot I am fine with the outcome :wink:.


These are some great models. :clap:

Looking good! Can’t wait to see the animations for the them :smile:

as well you should be… these look great! :+1:

I appluade your hard work and dedication this would be awesome to have and, all the voxel look just right!

Small update… as I was curious to see how the graphical elements I have created would look in the game, I have added them into the Graphics Test. I am positively surprised. Looks quite Stonehearthish, no? :wink:


My gosh! This mod is amazing! However, I have a suggestion for you: Bookshelves! Perhaps you could craft bookshelves, construct a building, and make an impromptu library.

Bookshelves are already on my “extended list” as I would like to add a feature where you can “import” (find) books from past games or other players. Those could be stored in a shelf. However, first things come first… I also would like to re-use as many assets as possible from Vanilla Stonehearth and maybe there will be some shelves in already.

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ahh! i missed this update? it does indeed look very stonhearthish… :+1:

cant imagine what you guys are going to crank out once you have the terrain generation tools at your disposal… :smile:

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A world comprised entirely of upside-down cows!

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Thanks for creating this thread @voxel_pirate. You’ve given me an idea of how I should start planning and working on my mod(s). Whenever I finally stop debating on what it should be! I think your mod is progressing quite nicely and will be quite awesome :thumbsup:. And yes, I think the models are very “Stonehearth-ish” :smile:.

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Quick Question… What programming language does Stonehearth use? I need to know which one I should start learning.

@Valiance nice to hear that it helps you structuring your thoughts. For modding we will be able to use mainly Lua (logic) and JavaScript / HTML (UI). The following threads my be of interest:

P.S. Feel free to use the “edit”-function which you find at the end of your posts if you want to add something. If you edit a post it also bumps the thread :wink:.

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To make a mod would I have to tamper with the game engine? Or could I just focus on AI and UI?

And also what software do you recommend for animations?

@Valiance… first:

Second: It depends on what you want to mod. Exchanging the look of existing items or models will be rather easy and you do not need to “code” too much. No real “tampering” with the engine. If you want to add something basic, like a new weapon, you will be able to copy the data for an existing item and adjust it. The more complex your project becomes, the more you will need to work with Lua (and JS / HTML). However, you are not really going to work on the level of Stonehearth’s engine (which is not accessible and coded in C++).

On animations you want to take a look into Qubicle Constructor (see attached post) to create models. As an animation tool I prefer Blender myself.

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looks great in style :thumbsup:

Ah man how did I miss this?!

They look great to me! Really fit in with the game, I’m a big fan of that press … now to just get it animated :stuck_out_tongue:

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They look much better in-game, than in Quibicle - that’s for sure!

Pffft. I corrected your post for you. :wink:

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