[MOD] Commemorative Tombstones/Items [v 1.0.0 | W.I.P]

This mod is currently being split into two different mods, Commemorative Tombstones and Commemorative Items.

All the content is being reworked; please ignore the obsolete information in this post.

Commemorative Tombstones

It happens to the best of us: sometimes, Hearthlings die.
With Commemorative Tombstones, the tombstones are no longer generic and visually identical.

Current version: 1.0.1.
Steam Workshop.
commemorative_tombstones.smod (216.3 KB)

-A tombstone will be spawned upon the death of a Hearthling. (just like vanilla Stonehearth)
-The Mason can craft tombstones; recipes depend on selected Kingdom and active mods.
-Each tombstone will be engraved with a job-specific icon/symbol, based on the passed Hearthling’s most recent job.
-Variety between tombstones is ensured by several tombstone models (600+) with slight differences between them.

Should be compatible with basically all mods.
For jobs not included in any of the “Supported job-adding mods” below, an ambiguous tombstone that lacks any icon will be spawned; so no crashing or breaking features should occur.

The only incompatible mod identified so far is Swamp Goblins.
I’m currently looking into possibilities regarding compatibility.

Supported job-adding mods
In addition to all jobs in vanilla Stonehearth, this mod also produce job-specific tombstones for jobs found in ACE, Kingdoms Expanded, The Hunter, Fisher Job, Miner Profession, Nordlingmod, Glassworks, Space Magic, Wizard Quest, and Armis Maximus.

-Commemorative Tombstones will only affect tombstones spawned after the mod was installed.
This mod is compatible with existing save files; but any already existing tombstone will not be “converted”.
-Features from this mod will be added directly into ACE (at some point down the line).
Commemorative Tombstones is fully compatible with ACE until this mod is incorporated directly into ACE; unique tombstones for the jobs found in ACE will be spawned, too.
In the future, this mod is intended for those playing ACE-less.

Possible future features
These features are ideas; no promises made regarding their implementation.
-Compatibility with Swamp Goblins mod.

Commemorative Items

WIP. More information coming soon.

obsolete information

It happens to the best of us: sometimes, Hearthlings die.
It is a sad event; but other than having a generic tombstone spawn into the world, there is not much notice about it. Until now.

Allow me to introduce my very first attempt at custom made Stonehearth models and my very first Stonehearth mod.


This mod add items which allow you to honor your fallen; pay regards to your passed; remember the great names of your settlement.

This post will be updated as progression is made.

Current mod-version: 1.1 - Updated for Stonehearth: A22.
Download: Dropbox - commemorative_items.smod - Simplify your life

Additions in this update

Bust statues have been added.

Current Features

Profession-specific Tombstones
Tombestones are no longer genric and all “just the same”-looking; there is one model for each profession/job class in Stonehearth. (Suggested by @TheRedBaron91)

For reference, the generic tombstone is found on the very left.
These personalized tombstones are all in the exact same size as the generic tombstone.

There are also other model variations to the tombstones which are smaller or bigger than the generic tombstone. (Suggested by @omar.elnaggary )
No two tombstones on the image above are alike - in total, there are 600 different model variations for each profession.

The icons are chiseled on the tombstones; the background has been masoned out and thus the icons appear as “raised”.
These custom tombstones are spawned upon the death of a Hearthling and simply replaces the generic one.

Busts and Statues
The Mason can craft Bust statues and other statues to honor long-forgotten Hearthlings and animals.

Bust statue examples:

There are as many model variations of the Bust statues, as there are for regular Hearthlings in Stonehearth.

Stone Poyo statue:

Installation Guide

Download .smod from link above.
Put the .smod within your mods-folder within your Stonehearth-folder.

Mod Compatibility

Mod Compatibility

This mod overrides the action memorialize_death_action; thus, it will not work with any other mod which edits this action, too.

There are mods out there which add new professions/jobs to Stonehearth - the generic tombstone will be used for any (dead) Hearthling whos’ profession does not have a custom tombstone model.
If you are the developer of such a mod and would like me to create custom tombstones based on your professions, please provide me a link to your mod and we’ll sort it out :slight_smile:

If you are the creator of a mod that add hair styles, animals, etc, and want me to implement these for the Bust statues or custom animal statues etc, please provide me a link to your mod and we’ll sort that out as well!

Planned Features

Planned Features

General additions:

  • The Mason shall gain new recepies revolving around honoring those who are no longer alive. (Statue, Stele, Monument, Altar?)
  • A high-level Mason shall be able to “transform” a specific tombstone into an upgraded tombstone or maybe a mausoleum. (Suggested by @Gaddiel)
  • Based of their conversation-history, Hearthlings will have a list of friends. Additionally, Hearthlings will be able to mourn lost friends. (This may take place during idle moments, or it may take priority over work the first few days after the very death)
  • Additional ideas I can think of and that I find fitting for this mod.

"The Ascendency"-specific:

  • The Carpenter shall gain new recepies revolving around honoring those who are no longer alive. (Statue, Stele)

"Rays Children"-specific:

  • The Potter shall gain new recepies revolving around honoring those who are no longer alive. (Statue, Stele)

All planned features are subject to change or removal; it all comes down to what features I’m able to figure out as I go.

Version History

Version History

Newer versions include everything from previous version unless otherwise noted.

Version 1.1
Added Items:

  • Female Bust statue
  • Male Bust statue
  • Model variations for the Female and Male busts, based on Heartling variation in Stonehearth

Added Mason recipes:

  • Female Bust
  • Male Bust

Version 1.0
Added Items:

  • Profession-specific Tombstones
  • 600 different Tombstone model variatons (for each profession!)
  • Poyo (stone) statue
  • 4 different Poyo Statue model variatons

Added Mason recipe:

  • Poyo Statue

Added Logic:

  • Upon Hearthling death, the generic Tombstone is replaced by a profession-specifc Tombstone

(This mod was based around ideas originally spawned in this Suggestions discussion)


Man, you are going to make me tear up.

Weirdly, they are tears of sweet melancholy, being able to honor the past.

I’m sorry if I made you feel bad with my comment a few weeks ago. This mod looks awesome. Please let me know if there is anything I can try to do to give you a hand at this

You are a very talented model maker, it shows with your models.

Looking forward to your mod.


I’m glad to see you’re moving along with it!
Can’t wait to have a chance to test it out.

I’m glad to see someone’s liking the idea of honoring the past - after all, you were they one suggesting it in the first place :wink:

I can not think of anything you’ve said that has made me feel bad, so I do believe we’re quite ok my friend :slight_smile:

Your kind words are highly appreicated, guys! I will make sure to call-out for help if I feel stuck.
For now, I think it is all a matter of how many minutes I’m able to spend on this each week; I feel like I should be able to figure all planned features out if I’m able to spend enough time on it :slight_smile:

I think the tombstone replacement and the action of mourning (based on a “friends-list”) is what will take me the most of time. Don’t know if I will/should try to finish both - or at least one - of these features prior releasing a test-version.

Great work! The herbalist tombstone has improved since the last one. Actually, I was thinking if you could make the tombstones generate in random shapes and sizes, while keeping the icons. If you add slight variations, but diverse enough, I think it would give graveyards a better look. Not that I want that much tombstones in my town or anything…
Anyway, even if you don’t like the idea too much, with a simple mod like that it would be great to have the option to turn it on or off, I mean the random shapes and sizes. I really think they would look good, if you could do a little experimenting with your models, I would appreciate that.
Again, an amazing job you did here, I’m downloading the mod right now.

Interresting idea - I like it! The various class tombstones have some slight variations between eachother (they have withered/“been damaged” in different spots) - but, so far, e.g. two different Mason tombstones would always look the same.

I will add your idea to the list of possible features. Thank you for the suggestion!
Seeing how I was able to add these models in the mod already, it should not be too hard to add several versions of the models into the mod.

Haha! no, of course not… but, with more diversed tombstones I wouldn’t mind more of them, either :angel:

I think that might prove a bit difficult, as I am yet to provide a download-link. Soon enough though. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I noticed that too late

I agree, I wish you success with making this mod, and hope it will become a success. :grinning:.

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This is a great idea : ). Did you scale up the gravestone by 10x and then add smaller scale details in the middle, or is there a second .qb of smaller scale attached on the front?

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Hey, thanks!
I created a bigger-scaled version of the tombstone (3x) and then re-scaled it in game, yes :slight_smile:
However, I expect most of my future models to stay more true to the original “block size”.

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yasss this is a great idea.

We’ve actually talked a bit about having a third scale of voxels at 1/10th scale of the 1/10th scale (so terrain as 1, assets at 1/10th, possible ‘detail’ scale of 1/100th), but we haven’t acted on it at all. Cool seeing an example of what it’d be like : ).


Sounds cool!
Any particular reason for 1/100th, or is it simply to keep the “pattern of 10”?

Personally - based on my try with these models - I think the sizes I would use in future models would be:

  • 1 (if I ever made any terrain)
  • 1/10 (assets)
  • 1/50 (details)

However, 1/50 would bring a different center-point than the rest - so maybe I’d go with 1/40 or 1/60 instead.

Yup, just to keep the pattern of 10. But we haven’t done anything with that yet, and may never - just stray thoughts ; ).

I think 1/20 is already too much. Almost everything in game is 1/10. There are rare things that have other scales, like the beds that have a 1/4 scale. I mostly keep 1/10, sometimes when I need odd sizes I use 1/9 or 1/11.

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Good thinking, Bruno! I have used 1/11 on some models as I find it easier with an “1 voxel center-point” than without it - but sticking to the 1 and 1/10 sizes sounds the best way to stay true to the artstyle of Stonehearth.

Somwhat double-posting, but… I don’t know how to prevent it in this case :stuck_out_tongue:

I went ahead and added extra model variations. Currently, for each profession there are in total 600 different variations that can be applied to a tombstone.

On the image below, no two tombstones are alike - there is always something that differentiate them from eachother.

I’ve updated the first post with this information as well.
However, no download-link yet as I want to solve the case with having them spawn upon the death of a Hearthling first.


To spawn the correct tombstones related to the job of the dead, you need to change this file:

If you need, I can help you with the code later.


I have found the correct file since earlier - however, I have no previous experience with lua.

Later this week I should be able to put a few hours into this project, and I will have a go at it by myself at first.
I do appreciate the offer, Burno, and I will surely contact you regarding my progress closer to the weekend :slight_smile:

Oh gosh :open_mouth: i love this update!!! Iv’e seen you already implemented the new random Model :smiley: great job, keep working on it!


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