[MOD] Commemorative Items (W.I.P) [V 1.1 - Busts!]

May I ask how big these models are (as in how much kb does your .qb take up). I’m toying with doing this as well, to fix the gap between how much space the voxels of some of my models take in, and that what it should take in. (a pattern of twelveths would have been so much better than tenths).

Of course you may! :slight_smile:

My tombstones consist of 4 models: Left; Center; Right; Icon.

  • The Left and Right models take 148 kb each
  • The Center model take 168 kb
  • The Icon model take 148 kb

This brings a total of 612 kb for a combined model.
(The total file-size to allow all my 10200 possible model-variations is 6.3 MB)

I hope this will help you, @nikosthefan!


Download link is now provided in the first entry.
This mod will not replace any existing tombstones - but, while this mod is active any Hearthling-death will be memorialized with a custom tombstone displaying the Hearthlings job upon its death.

Version 1.0 also include a Poyo Statue recipe for the Mason.
This statue simply serve as a tool for verification of installation on your end. However, I believe I will create more statues for later versions - thus, this Poyo Statue shall remain in future versions as well.


Tripple-post; but, it can not be helped at this moment.

Progress have been slow the last few days, because every time I’ve been able to be by my computer there has been renovations going on in the apartments surrounding mine; the noise has been too much to handle and thus it has been impossible to perform any work what so ever! :frowning:

Nevertheless, for the curious one, I can provide a small sneak-peek onto what the next update will bring!


Heartling Bust! (Not bust as in breast - but bust as in the statue/sculpture)

One recipe provides as many variations as the regular Heartling variation in Stonehearth. More info will be provided at the next mod update.

As you can see, I still have to work with the color and material maps; there will be all kinds of glorious stone colors in these models.
But as I said, there has been too much noise - all day, every day - to make any progress over the last few days.

This will be my last update for at least a week - maybe two - as I am going to Norway to take a long, long hiking among the mountains. I’m leaving in just a few hours after posting this.
It will only be me, my fiancée, and whatever food and supply we are able to bring. If all goes well, I shall be back to working on the mod in no more than 2 weeks. Cheers!

Ok, so I’m back from my hiking in the mountains - I survived! The experience was amazing; but, this is not what this post is supposed to be about so I wont tell you any more about it.
The construction-noises are still going strong in my house; making it damn near impossible to do anything at all!
…however, rumour has it that Friday next week is the last day of construction-work (for now)!
So, at the latest, I’d guess I will be able to continue working with this mod September 25th.

Sorry about the “slow progress”, but all this noise really turns my brain into non-functional mush.


These tombstones look great! So much better color. Thank you for modding!

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Thank you - your kind words are highly appreciated! :slight_smile:
Hopefully I’ll be able to post an update to this very mod later this week.

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Version 1.1 is (finally?) released. It “only” adds Busts.
…no, not the female part used to feed babies - the statues!


The first post has been updated with a new download link.


Odd, the link works just fine for me - would you mind trying it again?

Very strange, works fine now; maybe dropbox was just having a moment when I tried earlier

Could be the case.
Thank you for letting me know though - please inform me if you run into any issues! :slight_smile:

Ok, so this post was supposed to go up a few weeks ago - but I never got around to it due to various reasons.
TLDR: No update until some time 2018.

Longer version: For years, candles have been something I connect to remembering and honoring dead people; thus I only found it natural to include a way to make candles (of various colors) into this mod.
I’ve been modelling a workbench for the Trapper - used to harvest animal fat from pelts; animal fat can be melted into tallow; tallow can be turned into candles (at this stage it is possible to add colors).

Seeing how the unstable release is ‘the big thing’ right now and a lot of things may change as it gets patched, I will refrain from updating this mod with new stuff until - at least - Alpha 23 reaches a stable place.
If you are currently using this mod for Alpha 23 and find something that does not work properly, please report it back to me.

December and January are very busy months for me, but hopefully I’ll be able to continue work with this mod as soon as Alpha 23 reaches stable release.


watches from the shadows


I don’t know if you’re watching any more.
But hopefully soon™ :shushing_face: