[Mod] Brewery Mod 3.1 - Alpha 12

I updated to the version of Cooking and Farming from a few minutes ago
Still no Brewery crops. Just one random potato, and the usual suspects.

That’s it! That is the only crop that should be in the cooking mod. @Froggy should be able to confirm this…

…also, moved this discussion over the this topic, as it doesn’t have anything to do with the Brewery Mod.

Nevermind…It seems the missing crops are from the Brewery mod, not the Stonehearth Cafe mod…my bad! Looks like @Kurohito might need to update this for Alpha 13…

I’d argue that the nine missing crops from the brewery mod, being that they are in the brewery mod, and not my mod, would imply that it has everything to do with the Brewery Mod :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey i started with the German translation for ur Mod, u want ah push to github for it?

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@Kurohito redeye have completed the tanslation - you must now only change all to i18n and add “default_locale” : “en” at the start of the manifest :wink: then you mod is possible for multilingual :smiley:


Is there an update for Alpha 13?

Heyho ^^ Actual Kurohito has some health problems, so there is at the moment no official and stable release.

BUT: The actual version works on Alpha13 too (only the crops doesnt work). An unstable version with some fixes and multilingual is on Github - GitHub - kurohito/brewerymod: A companion mod for Stonehearth Cafe - an full release will be given after some improvements :wink:

just download it and unzip it - then remove the “-master” part from the foldername and copy it in your modfolder.


I’ve known about this mod for ages now, and I just can’t wait to download it! It’s got great models, concepts, items and more!

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I was only interested in it for the Crops :frowning: I’d like to eventually find a mod that ads in a great deal of crops (That can be sold to travelers too – Stonehearth Cafe doesn’t do this).

hmm… i might look into making my next mod a “cash crops” mod, so basically add a whole bunch of crops that are worth a good deal of money, along with some that are used for cooking and such.

no promises on that, it really depends on how my current mod progress goes.

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That would actually be pretty cool

crops can never be selled ^^ what you mean are the products like the baskets ^^ and they can be selled … when the modder enable this ^^

but for this they must have “stonehearth:material”: {
“tags”: “XXXX”
also add so the trader can find them …


Wiese, by “Crops” we mean the baskets, so I can understand your confusion with that. We understand that the physical Plants can not be sold, because they’re still in the dirt.

I appreciate you going through the work of adding in the scripting for it, but I’m not sure of what your intentions were with doing that.

The Brewery Mod is an extension of the Stonehearth Cafe mod. The Stonehearth Cafe mod does not have the option to sell the “Baskets” of food from the mod. That is why I was mentioning to have a mod that does allow you to sell the “Baskets”. If the Modder needs to enable that, then I would highly suggest to reply that script to the Stonehearth Cafe mod post as well.


So i have fixed it and the products now sellable - but release just on github at the moment :wink:

now i will contact @Froggy to change it also :wink: hope i could help you xD but he has only the potato to change :wink:

Grapes are worth 36g a basket


Why not? I? I love grapes xD ok i will fix it xD Thx for the Info xD


Hey, I’m all for golden grapes :wink:
It just doesn’t seem very…consistent, haha

Oh, ah, there’s also a naming issue:

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They i have already fixed in the morning xD the given locales files had some issues i will Report again when all fixed xD

Because of the consistent… I dont really know what is which worth and I hadnt the Time to Check all crops and the timeframe and Stackamount xD will Do it on the weekend xD


ok i have check it … i dont know why it shows to you 36 gold i have set it to 8 ^^ …

Get rich quick! Even more reasons why you should get this mod!

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