[Mod] Better Storage v1.5

Better Stockiples 0.16.3 now available on PraiseDB and StoneHearth Mods !


Thank you so much for the update, really enjoy this mod. I hope as the developers move forward they incorporate the additional filters as it make it so much easier to manage a larger (or more spread out ) town.

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The source and changelog for Better Stockpiles are now on Github !

Github replaces Dropbox as the main release deposit. Much better.

Are cloth and thread on different categories now?

@Apani: No, they are together in the “thread & cloth” category.

Why not make them separate? A carpenter only cares for cloths after all.


I was just informed that Stonehearth Café was incompatible with Better Stockpile. In fact, be warned that any mod which modify stockpiles and/or item tags could be incompatible with my mod. If you find a problem like this please tell me. I’ll try to find a solution for better compatibility.

@Apani You mark a point. I’ll separate them in the next update.

Does this also work for chests? or just stock piles?

I have been using this mod for awhile
It works for both chests and stockpiles. As well as containers from other mods. It replaces the filter UI.


Version 0.16.4 for Stonehearth Alpha 16 Release 2972

  • stockpile_filters.json is now a mixinto instead of an override. This should assure better compatibility with other mods.
  • Redesigned filters so they use vanilla item tags as much as possible, to assure better compatibility with other mods. Now, only the fur rug need a mixinto.
  • “Cloth” and “thread” are now two separated subcategories.
  • Cooking ingredients are now spitted under their own category “Ingredients” into 6 subcategories : “fruits & vegetables”, “meat”, “egg”, “wheat”, “flour” and “corn meal”. “Prepared food” and “animal feed” are still under “Food & Drinks”.
  • New icons.

Known issues: because of the use of a mixinto instead of an override, some “ghost” empty subcategories may appear. You can hover them, but can’t select them, except by checkin “All”. They are not dangerous for your game, you can ignore them.


It would be a pleasure if you could make this downloadable from Google Drive because I just find it quick and easy.

New version 0.17.0 for Stonehearth Alpha 17 develop 3008 released!

  • Use of the new “override” mixintype. The ghost filters are now exorcised.
  • Compatibility with the new stockpile filters.
  • Added “Bones” filter to “Animal Parts” category.
  • “Fruits & Vegetable Baskets” filter renamed to “Raw Food” and mover under “Food & Drink” category.
  • “Exotic Gear” filter removed.
  • “Light & Torches” filter removed.

The Alpha 17 develop 3013 update fixed the issues with filters for many items, mostly constructions. Better Stockpiles should work fine now!

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New version 0.17.1 for Stonehearth Alpha 17 develop 3013 released!

  • Removes the Fur Rug mixinto.

Okay now Better Stockpiles should REALLY work fine ^^


This is an awesome mod, but…

For “release 566” I was getting engineer’s repair kits mixed in with my herbalist’s bandages and tonics, and engineer’s bronze/iron gears mixed in with metal bars. So I modded your mod! :astonished:

What I’ve done is add a new “Engineering Parts” category (with gears and repair kits), and a new “Medical Goods” category (with healing items, and energy, stamina, courage and strength tonics - all separate because I couldn’t find a better way of filtering tonics); and removed all of these things from the existing categories (so “metal bars” won’t take gears, and “consumables” is gone/split up). Then I made little icons for the new stuff (by cropping and resizing Stonehearth’s entity pictures) to make it look nicer.


@Shinsaka: I have no idea what your copyright is or whether I can release what I’ve done, or if anyone else actually wants my changes. I just got tinkering with it and before I knew what I was doing here we are. What I want to do is give my changes to you so you can use what you like (or not). Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send/upload/email/whatever. :slight_smile:

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This is the post that covers how you interact with others mods


Hello @Brendan ! Your modifications are interesting, please can you send me a message with a link to your work ? I’ll see if I can integrate it in BS. I don’t have an Engineer yet in my current gameplay, so I don’t know his items very well.

Anyway, on Github my work is under a CC licence allowing you to share and modify it if you credit me (and if you send me a notice, of course !) Meaning mods of my mod are possible, and I can integrate them if they worth it.

Thanks @Shinsaka

I couldn’t find a way to send it to you privately, but (as it’s CC licence, etc) I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I uploaded it here as an attachment.

: better_stockpiles.zip (77.7 KB)

Legal Stuff

This work is a derivative of “Better Stockpiles” by @Shinsaka, and is used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and remains covered by same.

I, @Brendan , hereby irrevocably transfer the ownership of my changes to “Better Stockpiles” and all rights associated with ownership to @Shinsaka .


Thanks @Brendan, I’ll add the Gears filter in the next version of BS. But I can’t find the repair kits in the consumables of A17.572. Are they from a mod ?

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They were part of the game up to 56x, at 572 they got removed.