MOD - Anórien Biome


the prob at the mom is that the colored oak trees also are in the other biomes :wink: but he has contacted drotten for an activationscript - so that should be resolved within some days xD


Isn’t any problem, just thought he should know it’s still bleeding into other biome games, not overly concerned I like the color, just thought it was fixed


Sorry, I think there was a confusion there. I was not asking why this was happening :slight_smile: I know why, it is because he overwritten the default tree sapling.

What I asked was why he did that? Isn’t better having the normal tree at farms? I thought it didn’t make sense to replace the crops of the farmers. Is it going to happen to Rayya’s Acacia too? And later to North Alliance trees, or even modded kingdoms tree crops? If not, then why doing that to Ascendancy oaks?
I see no problem in planting green trees in it, we already do it in the desert, the trees planted doesn’t need to match the trees in the biome. :wink:


at the moment i happens everywhere ^^ its normal that he want in his autumn biome also have autumn trees later ^^ at first the sapling is green xD

but like told this will be resolved in some days when he get the activationscript - so that it only happens in his biome and not in any other biome / race


@Wiese2007 @BrunoSupremo @Unatan @Drotten

Hi all! :slight_smile:

I got some more Modding info, and it seems the choice stands between having a separate script-MOD, i.e. two MOD’s for the biome =/

Or adding a separate sapling for the autumn oaks, keeping the MOD ‘contained’ in one single MOD as now.
And the latter feels much more appealing to me (=

I will get at it now or tomorrow and stop the oaks from sneaking into other MOD’s! ^^


Rivers would be a cool thing! -Mostly waterfalls ^^

But that is quite a bit beyond my skills at the moment, I don’t even know if there are rivers in-game?
Though when the time comes, it would be great to see Anduin flow through Anórien! :smiley:


@drotten little question ^^

i have checked the canyon mod and there is a script for function: “canyon_biome:_on_required_loaded() … radiant.mixin(height_map_renderer, custom_height_map_renderer) end”

it is not possible to change this so that it then only mixin the sapling?


Well, it works there since it’s doing a mixin on Lua code. You wouldn’t be able to take the same function that they’re doing and applying it to Json files.

Though it is something interesting I’d have to say, maybe there is a way to somehow manipulate the data gotten from Json files in a similar way. After all, the engine itself manages to do that, so there ought to be a way. But without the ability to take a peek inside the engine (or, at least, very hard to do so), it’s hard to say if we even can do that at this point.


sooo at last we must peak someone from the devside ^^ hmmmm which person good help with coding, is beautifull and helps me often … AHHH @yshan xDDD


@Wiese2007, so the problem here is that you want to run a mixinto only when certain biome is selected?


correct ^^ i have thinked at the start that it would be possible to override the original oak_sapling so that there not to own entities oaksapling and autumnsapling ^^


The best (and correct) option is to use a deferred load mod, like Rayya’s does. When you select Rayya it will load its UI, that UI is just a bunch of overrides.


That’s what I was thinking. It would be needed another mod with deferred load.


ok that would be to much for just one override - so @Vargbane yes its option 2 ^^


If you could apply the colorful trees to the default Temperate Biome before creation and not just the ones I plant, that would be nice, just seems odd to see a splotch of lovely color in a mass o green.


Thanks everyone!
It means allot to hear your opinions on this (=

I would really like the MOD to work as a solo-MOD with proper saplings.
But on that part I am fully dependent on help, if it’s even would work?
Any help on that part is warmly welcomed :slight_smile:

I’m starting on the saplings as a plant now and see how that goes ^^


"Rivers would be a cool thing! -Mostly waterfalls ^^

But that is quite a bit beyond my skills at the moment, I don’t even know if there are rivers in-game?
Though when the time comes, it would be great to see Anduin flow through Anórien! :smiley:"

Its cool dude I understand.:grinning: Keep up the great work!:+1:


there currently aren’t rivers in-game, however i believe they’re planned… so adding them in a mod could be crossing the modding rule of not adding dormant features… :confused:


@Birkman I think you just re-posted my answer to your question above ^^


Edit:Ahh, I missed the quote marks ^^ Sorry hehe


Thank you! ^^

I’m a bit behind on the update though, but it’s coming :+1: