MOD - Anórien Biome


To me, this sounds fascinating. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a chance to visit the Scandinavian countries, yet. Regarding exploration: the old tower I mentioned is just a ruin, actually (if you are interested: Ruine Neuravensburg). The rest of the fortress is longe gone. Not much to explore. But it is a special spot to play some pen 'n paper RPG with pals in there :wink:

Now, I wish fore some monster filled ruins scattered across your maps. A dark tower looming above the treetops… is something like that achievalbe with a mod?



found a little bug in your mod: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Bug#1

It is currently only a missing translation but it also does not look very nice :frowning:


Hm, i don’t have that problem,

(and imma use that seed becuase that was a fine seed)


Hello folks! :slight_smile:

I sincerely apologize for not being around these last two month’s without a word.
I’ve been quite stressed out lately, -I will continue Modding though, to the extent that time and energy allow will allow me.

Descendants of Númenor (MOD)

Let me guess: real life did knock in your door :wink:
I know this guy all too well. He constantly f## up my plans.
But whenever I get the chance, I play in your biome. I love the aura of it.


Thank you @BarbeQ!

Haha -Indeed! He paid me a most uninvited visit xD

I am pleased to hear that the biome is still up to scratch :smiley:


seems the oak sapling isn’t working in Alpha19
I cannot plant them and they stuck in my storage


needs a fix for a20 xD


a20 is not out yet, it’s just the unstable branch that are out.


But a lot of people - especially modders - are on the unstable branch, so it’s reasonable to say it needs an update.


When I add this to the updated bastioneers in A21 I get no homescreen. Just black, cursor and sound.


Likely because it’s outdated, since the UI has changed recently

We’ll have to see if @Vargbane eventually updates the mod or not(which is totally up to him/her) and we all know modding takes some effort to maintain


Correct, Bastioneers is way behind as well so thats that. Too bad there’s not 1 combination of Biome/Race that adds rock based creatures



I still pop in from time to time to check on messages, and to see what’s new in the game.
-The feature to customize the Heartlings are awesome! ^^
-I see I missed out on allot (=

I’m trying to pick this up again, though I failed miserably in maintenance these last six months or so :zipper_mouth:

-Armed with coffee and LoTR on Audiobook, I’ll start going through some code today :thumbsup:
Any help Is warmly welcomed :slight_smile:

Wishing you all a very happy Easter!


Ah, glad to know you’re still around!
Please don’t stress too much, we should all appreciate the effort it takes to make and maintain a mod for free

Sadly all i have up my sleevs are animations and modeling, no coding sorry :glum:


Thank you! -The same :relaxed:
I’m still very grateful for the help on how Nodes, and textures work in Blender, and more! ^^ :thumbsup:


Anórien Biome for A21 Released (=

-So far, only minor changes to the biome.
Crops, Plants, and tree-growth should work :thumbsup:

Please let me know if there are any issues (it’s only slightly tested :confused: :innocent: )


Moving this back to #modding:current-mods!


Thank you! :slight_smile:

  • Changed the version number from A21.v0.03.0 to A21.v0.04.0 as it should be :slight_smile: