MOD - Anórien Biome


where i get this biome :smiley: i love the colors :smiley:


in the start topic? ^^


Yeah, they get along all too fine! ><

It’s been on my to-do list, -I’ve added more trees for the next update.
Mostly thinking about the tree placement/amount :disappointed_relieved: :thinking:


:smile: Thank you @Redstarr225!

Jepp, like @Wiese2007 said :relaxed:

It’s a few rows down from the presentation image;



Hi @JSArrakis! ^^

I don’t know much about.Lua’s yet, so I’m really not the right person to ask =/
As for the base values for the biome, I found the values for the colors, step_size and step_count to be the most appealing for my biome :slight_smile:

I mostly tweaked around with the persistance_ratio, octaves, and amplitude until I got it right. It was a while ago…

I’m terrible at explaining this :disappointed_relieved: I’m sorry I can’t be of more help to you in this regard.


Octaves are basically the number of extra layers of noise added for detail. The first layer gets a smooth version of the overall shape, then the next layer is at a much higher resolution and has much smaller detail but isn’t strong enough to completely change the shape from the last layer.

Persistence ratio, I believe, basically says how strong the next layer is compared to the last when they’re all added together and turned into blocks.

Step size, I believe, is how high up each of Stonehearth’s terraced levels is compared to the last. Currently mining and pathfinding make some assumptions that cliffs are going to be multiples of five tall.


An interesting page about basic perlin noise, with explanation.


Im guessing theres no particular way to make a smoother transition in foothills and mountains without the step size being a multiple of 5 unless I plan on editing the LUA itself.

Lol maybe when my work projects slow down a little.


New release A18.v0.03.1!
Pardon the delay :smiley:

The clipping issue with the oak trees should have been fixed now, and there are some minor changes in the biome.
However, there is still a description error on the mini-map when hoovering over the high mountain tops while choosing a settlement location.

Hope you like it ^^


I found a bug where when you mine the mountain-rock you get resouces like you were mining a Tin deposit, with all Tin and no stone or other ore

I was on unstable lates last week when i found this, and i downloaded the mod thhar same day

I’m on mobile, so if you can’t reproduce the bug, i’ll send a save when i’m able


It is a problem with their loot_table.

For some reason, he is using one, even though he changed nothing in it. The problem is that the new loot_table has different names. Which means his loot is not replacing the ones from the game.

The game has now very high values for the chances of each ore, his loot_table is based on the old values.

From all the possible loot, the only one his loot_table is able to replace is the stone (which kept the same name). So the stone has the old low values, and the ores has the new high values.

Anything mined will be almost always ores.

To fix this, I recommend erasing completely the custom loot_table, as it is not necessary for this biome (was applying no changes)
At anorien_biome/data/biome/anorien.json erase the line with:
“mining_loot_table”: “file(anorien_mining_loot_table.json)”,


Thank you so much guys!! :smiley:
I will fix this! :dizzy:


When I check the trees outside, they do have a quite similar look compared to the ones in this mod. I also have large mountains in the background (the Alps). And there is even a medival tower right in front of my house. The only thing different: the fog. :smile: I guess, my next SH settlement will use this mod. The mood is so fitting.


Aye’, quite beutiful landscape.


I don’t know if this is an A19 bug or not, but I started a new game and tin and silver started spewing everyone when I mined.


as posted above in the comments it has to do with the loot table file. A possible fix has also been posted in the above comments :slight_smile:


Sounds amazing! -I wish I could say the same, the Alps are so beautiful :smiley:

Here there is allot of runestones spread across my municipality, though I haven’t had much time to explore them yet ^^


Hey All!
There is a new version of Anórien available now!
Thank you @Hyrule_Symbol and @Alsinx for reporting the mining loot bug! ^^

And thank you @BrunoSupremo for letting me know where to fix this bug! :smiley: :thumbsup:

My apologize for a delayed update, I have had far less time for modding than I wanted lately.

I hope you all understand (=

Please let me know your thought’s on the balance of trees, bushes, mountains etc.
More, less or fine like it is ^^


I’m (Slowly) working on a ‘verdure’ version with more customized trees, and so.
I’m also thinking about adding more pine trees to the mountain tops :relaxed:

I’ve only included the tall pine trees in this screenshot…

Does anybody know how to make bodies of water generate on mountains?
And also if there is a way to generate grassy plateaus on top of cliffs? :thinking: :slight_smile:

Sort of like this;



Thanks @Doc_Brano and @Vargbane for the help.