MOD - Anórien Biome


Yea @Vargban kinda made a mistake. Ha ha. Woops :smile:


Thank you for adding an excellent mod to the pool!

Mod review:

I’ve played with it for a while now, and I like it! I settled a town at the top of a peak, with long stairways leading down to the rich soils bellow our mountain. This leads to unique-looking towns, where the hearthlings have carved out a home into the white rock.

Here are my pros and cons with this biome:


  • The terrain allows for interesting strategical/artistic choices when planning your town. Having your town surrounded by tall cliffs does not only provide excellent vistas, but also leads to some interesting designs when it comes to town defenses.
  • I like the color pallet, a never-ending autumn speaks to me, since it’s my favorite season. :smiley:
  • The map does not feel one-sided, giving room for both elevated towns, as well as classical towns on the forest floor.


  • Due to how the enemy AI is currently coded (and with a lack of climbing enemies), The previously mentioned mountains can be a bit TOO easy to defend, leaving no room for enemies to spawn. As long as you don’t go down from the mountain, nothing will spawn. ( Note: This con can obviously be avoided by simply building a stair leading down to the ground below, and you might as well. How else can your new and eager settlers join your town? :smiley: )
  • The trees are usually too tightly packed, causing the trees texture to glitch out, whenever trees are growing into other trees.


Overall I’m happy with the mod, since it gives you variety in scenery and interesting locations that you don’t find in other biomes currently.

Good work!


Many thanks @Nukeacitrus for taking the time to write your review, it lifted me up! :smiley:
-Totally agree, autumn is the most pleasant season!

I haven’t had much game-time lately, so I really love the constructive comments and thoughts.
And I’m glad you think the biome is versatile, I see it as a really good compliment!

I will have a look at the density of the tree clusters :+1:
Personally, I like to have my town or a city on a leverage, easily defended by archers.
Then I can focus more on building, and sculpting the mountains, which is more ‘my’ thing ^^

Thank you again!


for adding you have just forget the inital_crop file … but there is still some issue ^^ but i need togo to bed xD


No problem, I’m happy to give feedback!

And after playing a bit more, I feel as if there’s not enough animals, hopping about?

Maybe I’ve just been unlucky, but it seems there’s a lack of animals for our trappers.


I don’t think critter-spawning is affected by the biome MOD, but they usually spawn when you lay a trap ^^


thats correct at the moment ^^ but later its wanted that critters will spawn random so that the world looks more lively ^^


Update for this Biome will be uploaded within a few days, with autumn oak crops!
So you can plant oaks that will grow in harmony with the colors of the biome (=


YAY! (added text for 20 character limit)


Yes! Cant wait, keep up the great work!


Biome update released!

Now you can grow your own autumn colored oaks ^^


Thanks again for all your help @Wiese2007! ^^


Okay, so I’m currently experimenting with some oak tree models,
Well, I made one so far anyway :smile:


Yum. :yum: :heart_eyes:


Nice a variety of shapes :slight_smile:


@coasterspaul @Unatan2

Thank you ^^

This is almost how I want the oaks to look,
We’ll see where it leads to :relaxed:



I’m seeing this string, “”, on the “choose your settlement’s location” screen when starting a new game in Anorien biome.


Hi @illdred! :relaxed:
Thank you for reporting this bug.

I must say that I don’t know what could be causing this :hushed:
It seems this error occurs when hovering over the second layer of the foothills.


@Vargbane Theres a lot of thread here so Im not entirely sure if youve explained this, but Im attempting to play around with biome settings myself.

Other than just playing around with values in the JSON, Im not sure what the values such as “octaves”, “persistence_ratio”, “step_size” etc or why step size must be in multiples of 5.

I really dont want to have to reverse engineer their LUA completely to see how the terrain is calculated and then rendered (mostly because Im used to C# and other strongly typed languages and the most dynamic I get is javascript where you still have to explicitly name variables, even if theyre globals). So I was hoping as someone who has already done some of the legwork here, you might know and impart some kind of description or explanation of what these different values affect.



Those trees love being close to each other!