[MOD][All Versions] EndPieces 1.09 A20 Update

If you open the smod File you will find in the First folder Manifest.json and there at the beginning is Version: 1 and this must be changed

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I changed it and put the endpieces.smod and secretpieces.smod into /mods and nothing happened. Does anything else need to be moved?

Sry no fixes from third Partie allowed… So i havent controll it xD


Can you quickly update what’s needed since it’s a simple fix and provide a download and I’ll update it later when I have time.

Been really busy at work and I’m not at my computer sorry.

How come changing the version from 1 to 2 fixes it?


Same here at the Moment at dreamhack xD

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FYI, hope this helps.

It’s updated.

@Praise I’ve finally been able to upload the file.


lol now im back and wanted todo it :wink:

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tough :laughing: 20char

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I’m using your mod now for a while and totally forgot to express my appreciation. I really love this mod and it just fits so perfect into the game you don’t even notice that it’s a mod those pieces come from ( which perhaps is the reason I totally forgot about it :sweat_smile: ). Alone the way more good looking pasture which you can finally connect with each other or just close on the corners. And the 10 piece fence ! So much easier to build bigger area and move them around. I often use fences to arrange my area and see how things fit and there for I change the Placement very often and yeah it’s such a simplification to just move one fence and not 10 pieces. Thank you very much for this “simple” mod which brings in my opinion a huge improvment buildwise to this game.


Hey @Kagea

Thank you for the kind words, knowing you’re enjoying the mod and the fact that you’ve took the time to write out a paragraph thank you letter has brightened up my day.


@TomMartow Thats wonderful to hear and hey you took your time to make a whole mod and creating new pieces and shared it with us all so the least I can do is take a few minutes and say thank you :slight_smile:


heyho ^^ little info - i think you must update the tags (categorie) so that it will store the pieces again xD

@Wiese2007 is it fix yet? just asking…

and quick question, what’s the (coding) problem with the tags? I checked the tags of both original and mod (*_iconic.json) files, they’re the same but they (hearthlings) still don’t store it anyways. any luck?

at first the tags are not in the iconic they are in the ghostfiles :wink: and yes the only issue is that they will not stored ^^

at the moment its not fixed i have send the new tags via github now - now he must accept them only :wink:

I mean category in the iconic, not tags… quite confusing with the category and tags…

That moment when you get 5000 pull request emails from @Wiese2007 :laughing:

Mod updated with the correct tags, thank @Wiese2007 for that.


XD there was only 3569 Emails xD


In the new 566 build the icon for the ten piece wooden fence no longer shows up. It seem to work fine else where and it is still can be placed

<img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/business6/uploads/stonehearth/original/3X/5/c/5c25bf45a839fcf655a9722ce7fc901d0bdcd9cd.jpg" width=“690” height=“388”

I will check this out later on today, I suspect it’s just a typo somewhere that’s changed the file name.

Does any other icon disappear or just that one?