Mod Activation Status

These may not be bugs but wanted to check. Two observations:

  1. I had the game running and I was waiting in the Main Menu. In parallel I placed the Candledark.smod into the ‘mods’ directory. As expected the mod did not appear in the Mod Manager. However when I loaded my save file and started to play the Candledark mod was active (I had the stranger event pop up to give me more blueprints for my crafters).

My assumption was the mod required a restart of the game before becoming active?

  1. When placing a mod in the mods folder and restarting the game the mod is automatically activated. Is this correct? I would have thought the default behaviour should be to have the mod available and not active until the user selects in the mod manager.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 19 & Candledark mod

System Information:
Windows 10

The first observation might be a bug, but I can see why it happened. You don’t need to close and reopen the game. When you fiddle with mods, the settings menu wil give you a warning when you close it, and will refresh the game so that changes are applied. We might want it to detect if you add mods with the game open, or give a warning when you start the game.

About the second one, it is intended. It’s the modder who decides whether to activate his/her mod by default or not.

There’s also other issues related with mods that we’ll have to address in the future (for example, loading a savefile without the mods that it was using can make the game crash).