[Mod] (A20) The Bastioneers! More Dangerous (and Mod-Friendly) Than Ever! Help me test for A20!


Odd. Chrome keeps shutting it down on me :confused: All well, I’m sure it’s just a hiccup on my end.


perhaps an adblocker ^^ they often blocks all sites with advert and tell that are malware :wink:


Newp, just tested it with uBlock Origin turned off and it did the same thing. Blast and bebother.


sigh… There goes my fractions of pennies :confused: The links are fixed :laughing:


I would like to point out that I had 0 issue downloading them through adfly with firefox, even with Adblocker.

So that’s a thing.


Thanks. :slight_smile: I care most about people being able to play than getting tiny cents from each download, so i just removed the adfly links and made them direct


Sorry about that Wharp. I tried Firefox, Chrome, Edge, with adblock on and off, and got flagged every time D: No idea what was going on there.


No problem at all :laughing:


I had no problem with it, adfly, wait for the timer in upper right to count down and skip ad right to the file.


Same here, but no worries. I’d rather have people playing than not :smiley:


might i suggest an adfly link and direct link? i don’t know about everyone else, but if someone provides both i’ll generally use the adfly one anyways, to help support the mod author :slight_smile:


@everyone Let me know about any issues with compatibility, I want this mod to play nice with as many mods as possible.


i hope you dont mind, but i want to rework your mod into another race, would something like that be ok?


What will you be reworking?


i love your mod. but i don’t know how long it will take for the natal egg to make a new neer. i am used to the old version where the basstineers would arrive daily. if you could give me a time stamp on how long it will take to have the egg hatch.


ignore the last post. i found out how long it takes for it to hatch


Really enjoying the new update, but have stumbled across a few bugs on my most recent play through, along with a few possible inconsistencies (that may well be intentional).

  • Clay bricks produced by the Refineer doesn’t seem to be accepted by the Herbalist, and therefore I don’t seem to be able to build Cultivate Mushroom Colony (If it matters, clay was brought from a merchant) - This also makes Potters inaccessible, as the Potters cutter requires clay bricks, and the Mason also doesn’t recognise the clay bricks
  • Refineers workshop cannot be opened by selecting the Refineer’s Platform, and clicking “Show Workshop”.
  • The UI (running your UI mod) states Footman requires level 2 Trapper, however the requirement isn’t met until Trapper level 3


  • Makeshift stone armour requires Mason level 1, but is built on the Mason’s Pedestal, requiring Mason level 3 - Is this to increase the time taken to initially produce them, but allow new masons (after promoting original Mason to Potter) to produce them near immediately?
  • Not sure if I’m missing something, but how am I supposed to level the blacksmith? All recipes bar the Forge and Anvil require level 1 Blacksmith, but ingot production is now the role of the Refineer, so the blacksmith can’t level.
  • The 3 Obelisks of The Herald do not have an icon for the 0/3 ingredient (can’t seem to find it in game as it is always 0/3 - If it is the gems, then these are also not recognised as I have multiple in my towns’ inventory)


Thats… a really hard to explain question but i will try --> I will be reworking things like many designs and some coding and try to make it into a entirely different race, think of it as a reference for a new mod i guess would be a better explaination, im not very good at explaining stuff


Be careful you follow the One Rule. If you can’t explain what you’re changing without being as vague as “many designs and some coding” you’re probably going to be violating the use rules.


ill try to get into specifics, i will make entirely new voxels for the characters made different than the bastioneers and the code will be changed to allow me to add in new recipes and call on my models and add things like new UI and such, i will also be changing stuff like how the manifest is done and adding things like goblin structures to the game with utilities that they are supposed to have EDIT: If you have any questions about what im changing then ask, i dont know very much about coding but i want to try to do this and using this as a reference and reworking everything (code, models, recipes, buildings, possibly a new map) to make my mod