[MOD-874]Chinese Translation (Simplified) B24.0 🀄【简体中文】


In order to facilitate the use of the translation’ smod. I deliberately made a convenient procedure. Very simple.( Just a .bat )

1 - Document preparation:

  • stonehearth --Translation of documents
  • WinRAR --Compressor -bit32
  • 001.bat --Run the code

2 - Packed files:
The file compressed into a self-extracting file
Compression parameters:

3- .bat file:

@echo off
ren “stonehearth.smod” "stonehearth.rar"
set path=%cd%\WinRAR
WinRAR m stonehearth.rar stonehearth
ren “stonehearth.rar” "stonehearth.smod"
rd /s /q "%cd%\WinRAR"
Del /Q %0




Ok prob not everybody has winrar :wink: and the normal doscommands like xcopy and unzip etc doesn’t work on every PC xD

I have done lots of bats for my workplace so i know this issues xD because of this i upload just the complete smodfile xD

And also i use wincommander so i dont have the issue with change Extensions etc :wink: But Thank you for the try xD


@Wiese2007 I understand your doubt, but, dev2534.exe made by me has beed broadly tested to work in 32-bit and 64-bit of win7, 8 and 10. And since i’ve attached Winrar.exe to dev2534.exe, there’s no need for user to install Winrar. Many experiments have been done to prove its possibility.


ähmmm i dont mean the stonehearthgame? or what you mean mit dev2534.exe?

ok you must have winrar to use this - normally windows only gives an internal zip programm but no winrar :wink:

and like i said - when you use an normal commander like wincommander (freeware) then you can easy open the smod file without changing the extension ^^


@Wiese2007 I’m a little not to understand you, but I’ve been tested, and a lot of computers are available for this use. Even if the computer did not install Winrar, it can be used.


About font file problem
@Wiese2007 @yshan
I have successfully added the Chinese translation" tostartermod_locale".

Test run was successful, but hard to read font, the font is very small. Very inconvenient.
So I try to replace the font file, but failed …

how can add your own font file into manifest.json well?


hmmm i cant open it but with the minimal i would say there is a comma to much … ^^

check with jsonlint.com if it is valid^^

at the moment im still at the translation so i havent test it for my own ^^


Was my mistake. I was wrong file name, it should be lowercase, not uppercase …

It is now a successful !!!


lol ^^

i have test it and wanted to write now … it works whats your prob? :smiley:


??? " it works whats your prob? " ???


forget it ^^ good that it works now :wink:


update A12 dev2650 of Chinese (Simplified) Translation —15.10.16


update A12 r465 !!!



update A13 dev2699!!!



Update A13 dev2720!!!


have fun!!!


Update A13 r483!!!


have fun!!!


Update A14 r504!!!


have fun!!!


Update A14 r523!!!


have fun!!!


Update A14 r524!!!




Update A15 dev2865!!!