Missing Item in Screenshot

Hey there!,

Just for fun-sies…

Noticed this a while back and I’m not sure if anyone knew… Just thought it was a little thing to notice.

In this screenshot,


Middle, right-hand side, you’ll notice that a bridge is missing. Always wondered about that.

: D



I dont think that they will add an template of the bridge - because different sizes of rivers xD perhaps they will add later an tool for bridges after the water implentation is completed


I don’t know how I never noticed that.

Insert sherlock holmes theme here


They can use what I usually use for building fortifications. “Modular” construction. I have templates for a piece of straight wall and corners, then stamp them next to each other and build walls as long as I want them, one part at a time.
Simple structures like bridges can be done in a similar fashion. I don’t think a separate “tool” for bridges is required - firstly, drawing a primitive bridge is as simple as drawing a rectangle, and secondly, it is not much of a “geometrical primitive”, as with walls or slabs. I personally would like to encourage players to experiment with the builder here. Bridges are not as vital as buildings for gameplay, at least now :merry: