Minor Lag When Constructing Roads

Version: Alpha 7

I have noticed when building roads of any size/length the game while have minor lag throughout the construction. When the road is finished, the lag disappears. I have not noticed the lag on any other construction project.


Edit 1: This also include digging the trench before placing the stone.
Edit 2: I do not experience any error messages during Road construction.
Edit 3: Uploaded footage of said lag. Pay particular attention to the running while the roads are being constructed.

not sure whether this is a bug or not, you can expect certain things to slow the game down a bit due to the fact that the game is still in alpha.

Perhaps. But it seems a little too precise to be just some random slowdown. It happens every single time I build a road regardless of length, material type, location, proximity to other objects, etc.

That level of consistency would point to an error (either in software or hardware-to-software relation) rather than just optimization issues from alpha.

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What stands out more is that you only experience it with roads, while there are many people that has lag when building houses, especially when they build the roof.

Nevertheless, I think I’ve seen someone mentioning something similar to this bug, but I can’t find a specific report, so it must have been in some other thread.

Correct. I haven’t noticed any other lag even with a full-size town (approx 13 structures) including comprehensive mine shafts and custom buildings).

I’ve got a decent machine, so perhaps it is an optimization issue. Others may be experiencing lag on other building types with various machine specs. Just thought I’d report what I experienced. :slight_smile:

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always a good thing to do :smile:

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Added a brief video to better illustrate what I see.