Minisynn's Creations

Morning folks!

I’ve been creating random bits and pieces because hey, who doesn’t love more weapons and decorations!

I’ve attached a few images of things below to give you all an idea of what I make, and if anyone is interested in any of it I’ll work on putting the rest of my decor and weapons into a mod collection.

Just an odd looking double bladed sword.

A decor catapult so you can show off your imaginary artillery!

A large decor Engineers workbench, for the master tinkerer. Drinking foxfire out of their fancy tankard may be the reason why Engineers are so… strange.

Thanks for looking guys!


I love that Engineer workbench!!

Hmm… a catapult? I showed the pic to my engineers and now they all sit around the campfire and mumble something about ballistics, archs and pumpkins… funny bunch they are…


awesome work @Minisynn, i love all of these, though that fancy engineer workbench is defintiely my favorite!

keep up the good work mate :smile: :thumbsup:

Reminds me of Majora’s Mask double sword.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone, glad to see the Engineering table was a hit :smile:

I’ve got a few more of my really quick items here - All decor this time. A little alchemists table, a cart on a stand and a magical tome on a… thing!


Klatu! Verata! Nic$$&@@&&!..there, I said the words!

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A sort of Nordic/Dwarven style throne was todays creation.
Wood, gold, stone and a touch of fabric so the high king doesn’t get a sore arse.