Miner stuck in a loop and can't reach destination

I want to mine the yellow marked bits. my miner can’t path his way there. he gets in a loop that won’t end trying to get there.

Also, miners mine in a way that leave some bits unreachable.

Added a pic to show what i mean:

Try to remove and reassign the mining zones to see if he gets unstuck. For the block that is floating alone, you will have to build a ladder manually so he can get a path to it.


that’s what happened. :<

I see. Is he still stuck in a loop? You can upload the savefile if he’s stuck after saving/loading.

There has been other threads about the blocks that are not mined when they should.

If you are already dealing with the blocks issue i’ll say no more.

regarding the loops, I guess the path finding cant really coupe well with U shaped maneuvers when they include various height levels.

The forums will not let me upload, the folder is nearing 60mb and when I zip it it’s still over 11mb.

You can upload it to a free hosting site like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc and share the link here.