Micromanagement option

As a Starcraft player, I can see why many people do not like micromanagement. However, i believe that there should be an option when you start up a world or server, to turn on micromanagement. This would please both sides


In theory this is a great idea. However if you think about it you will realize it is nearly impossible. Team Radiant would have to create two engines, one for non micromanagement, one for micromanagement. The would have to make two separate GUI’s. In essence you would be making a second game with similar graphics. And if you notice how long it is taking them to make this one ( i’m not complaining just pointing out a fact) you can easily guess why they won’t do both.


I don’t see anything wrong with this other than what @TurtleSquish said however if they continue to update this like minecraft this is still possible in the far future if they still feel like it may be possible

have to agree with @TurtleSquish… given that the player has always been thought of as the “orchestrator” in SH’s design, Radiant is obviously leaning more towards the macro side of the house… as @TurtleSquish points out, its just not a very reasonable (or even feasible in some cases, i’d imagine) approach to game design…

its akin to saying “i understand many Call of Duty players dont enjoy the top-down perspective and RPG elements, but if the developers would just add that option, more people would enjoy the game!”… :smile:


@SteveAdamo I wouldn’t consider it that extreme, but it would give more diversity between games. Macro games would be slower paced and micro games would be fast paced.
In response to @TurtleSquish (correct me if i am wrong, I don’t know much about the games inner workings) but could they not just work with very small squads and very small zones.

what about a new command to get a villager to move some where like a ‘move here’ command? like to get a villager out of danger, and to get your military force to get rid of the danger.

think about the lag that would generate.

Also I would need to hear your definition of micromanagement. Because it could mean a whole lot of things.