Merchant from Mods Affects Default Merchants?

I’m a bit curious with all these amazing mods around if they affect how often we get the normal Merchants because sometimes with rayya
I very rarely get a Merchant to sell wooden swords or farmer hoes when i use a lot of mods.

Would be good if these mods did not affect how often the standard default merchants arrive for game balance.

The mod can have its own merchants that run parallel with default merchants so it would not affect them. But so far every mod that I tested simple adds their merchants to the main list. So more merchant types, less chances of getting a specific one, because the game have more options to randomize.


So it’s possible for modders to make them parallel instead that would be great to see more modders do. For Ascendancy i don’t really care too much about it but for Rayya it’s more important for game balance

The balance is impossible. From one side you fixed Rayya merchants, but in the other you now have multiple merchants from multiple mods appearing all the time (maybe overlapping).

I think it would be doable if it was two different merchant lists. Default Merchants List and all mods will be in the their own list so every single mod uses the same list that should not create too many merchants

Default Merchants

Mod Merchants
Rare or Less Common