Mayan Mountain Temple

My attempt at a small Mayan temple hidden in the mountains. If you want to slow the pathfinder to a crawl then this is definitely the building for you!


Well done! Although, maybe you could put a sacrificial altar on the top?

Nice! A simple, yet clever use of the building tool as of now!

How exactly did you make the structure? One building like this shouldn’t be able to kill your computer… Did you make it out of slabs (the free-building tool) and is it one or multiple “structures” (i.e., the layers and stairs built at different times)?


Nice! I actually use a similar design to test how far the building mechanics have progressed every build :slight_smile: (64x64) If you tweak it a bit you can make it hollow and a living space.

What is the seed for that templemap? Seems cool!

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