Mason Table does not count towards Extortion Task

Chieftain Ree Scartletfang wants Mason Workbench (3). 1 workbench is being used by my < edit > Mason </ edit >, counts as 1 of 3.

Then, 3 **< edit >**additional </ edit > crafted Mason Workbenches are held in inventory and none count toward the 3 required. When these 3 are placed for use, they still do not count as 3 Mason Workbench for the goblin’s Extortion Task.

Game deleted; forced to start over (yet again) if I want to find out what happens if you always pay off the goblins…


In one sentence you say the chieftain asked for three (3) Mason Workbenches. However in the next you say that one is being used by your Carpenter.

Are you sure the chieftain wasn’t asking for Carpenter Workbenches?


Good catch. Typo. Meant to say 1 Mason working, +3 more Mason Workbenches in inventory, deployed, etc.

Corrected OP.