Mason Queue Blanked And Unresponding

Summary: Screen blinked while shifting priority in the queue; everything in queue disappeared, shows 0 orders, and cannot add orders.

Steps to reproduce:
Not sure; possibly moving items in queue while autosave takes place? I’ve shifted things around like this before without problems. This is new.

Expected Results: Changing priority of orders in Mason’s queue.

Actual Results: Elimination of all orders from queue, inability to add new items to queue. Sound effects indicate added order, but nothing appears, order count remains at 0, and no work is performed.

Notes: Tried returning the table to storage and changing the Mason -> Worker -> Mason. Did not change situation. I had both maintain items and craft now items in the queue. Autosave was on. No notifications or other indications of events happening in game when it ‘blinked’ and wiped the queue.

Version Number and Mods in use: Release 559; no mods in use.

System Information: Windows 10 x64, Intel i5 3.2, Nvidia GTX 960

Exiting Stonehearth and restarting from save restores the queue, including all original items and added items.