Mason pedestal, questions

I ask in the development because it’s about the function of the item and also about it’s design.

So I totally miss the coming of this workbench and as I’m really curious, I must ask: someone knows what will be it’s purpose?

And on the design part, is the actual model a placeholder?

isnt that workbench for the tower brazier and other large items?


yep. eventually every crafter will have tons more recipes added, so the masons pedestal will eventually have more of a use then for crafting tower braziers and gargoyles…

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Right… Damnit, I have some hard time to adapt myself to the new system and to forget the UI isn’t anymore a precise workbench or a workshop but just some kind of book or order!
So yes it is like any other workbenchs.
Perhaps it’s the actual special look (kind of mystical sacrificial stone table with glyphs and fire) that makes me though it would have some special purpose…

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